Oil Filter Crusher

Owning a business can be a profitable and wonderful part of making a living. But with every business come rules and regulations that must be followed. This is especially true when your company deals with chemicals that must be disposed of properly. For those who work in the field of automotives you know that all vehicles have many different types of fluids and chemicals that keep them running. These fluids must be maintained and often replaced. Because these chemicals can be very toxic and harmful to the environment there are many rules that prevent these substances from being dumped in the trash and thrown into our landfills.

Oil and oil filters are some of the most frequently changed parts of a vehicle. With people lining out the door daily to get their oil changed at car shops it is no wonder we must take control of the amount of hazardous waste that we dispose of. Luckily there are ways for automotive shops to reduce the amount of waste they produce by working on vehicles.

One of the best machines you could purchase for your automotive business is an oil filter crusher. These machines are made to lessen your waste load significantly by crushing the oil filters to a compact size. Many of these machine manufactures guarantee that you will save at least 75% more space by using an oil filter crusher. Another great thing about using an oil filter crusher is that the remaining oil from the oil filters is also drained during this process. This eliminates the amount of oil that can be left behind stuck in dirty filters. Once the filters are crushed they are then shipped out for recycling and all of the mandatory regulations can be met accordingly.

There are several different models to choose from all made by different companies. Some of the crushers use different methods of crushing the filters and some may vary in size or shape as well. Some can hold and crush several filters at once while others may only crush one at a time. Also the crushing power or speed may vary depending on the model you choose. For a company that only changes a few oil filters a day a cheaper and simpler crusher may be perfect but for a company that does a lot of business and changes multiple oil filters daily, a bigger more efficient oil filter crusher may be the way to go.

Before you start looking at purchasing an oil filter crusher you should take into consideration the amount of business you do and what features are important to you. Oil filter crushers are usually $1,000-3,000 dollars depending on the model, name brand, size, features and capabilities. You may also want to figure out where your new oil filter crusher will be located inside your auto shop. Some of the crushers can be mounted directly onto a wall while others will require a stand to sit on. This is usually not included in the purchase. You will also want to look at the way the oil drains from the crushed filters. Some have a compartment that contains the oil while others require a drip pan or drum to catch the oil coming out of the crusher.

Purchasing an oil filter crusher for your business will help you fulfill your obligation as a shop owner to recycle the filters and oil the proper way. Without doing so you could be at risk of losing your business. Although we must use toxic chemicals to drive our vehicles there is no reason we should not be doing all we can to recycle and keep the chemicals properly disposed of.

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  1. We are looking for a price and delivery cost on truck oil filters crusher in South Africa.
    Do you have agents in S.A.?

  2. Hi Dave

    Please let me know how we can help you. We are a registered company that can assist you with the filters.
    My cell no: 072 070 6762



  3. Hi Dave

    I am the owner of a patented oil filter crusher machine. The range consists of 3 models of which i will gladly provide you with the technical data. My press can crush a filter up to 370mm, uses 20 tons of force and runs on 6 bar air pressure.

    If you need more info let me know.

    Anton Sauer