Oil Filter Drain Tool

For all those who choose to change your own oil you understand just how messy it can be draining your vehicle’s oil. Without the proper equipment you could end up with a big mess on your hands and engine oil all over you or your garage floor. Although changing your oil is not that difficult it can be when you are not prepared. It can take you twice as long to clean up the mess made while doing the job than the actual task of changing the oil itself.

So when it comes to changing oil it is a good idea to have all the proper tools at hand and this way you will be less likely to have any problems. If you have never changed your oil before then you may be wondering just what tools you should have ready to avoid making a big mess. For those who have a spin on oil filter there is a tool that can help you. It is an oil filter drain tool. You just clamp it onto the oil filter while it is still in the vehicle, puncture a small air hole at the top of the housing, remove the cutter and let the oil flow down and out through the hose and funnel. Once the oil has been drained you can remove the oil filter and replace it without having it full of old oil.

After the oil filter has been properly removed you can then move on to the engine oil pan which will have a drain plug. Once the plug has been located you must remove it to allow the engine oil to drain. This part can also be messy so you should be prepared. Make sure to have your drain pan ready and wear gloves to prevent oil from getting all over your hands when removing the plug. Also make sure that your face is nowhere near where the oil will be draining. Having a good oil drain pan is recommended to catch all the oil that will be pouring out. You can find many different types of oil drain pans. Some are made to hold oil and store it until it can be properly disposed of. You can find some oil drain pans that will hold up to 30 oil changes worth of used oil.

If you have an engine oil pan that has a drain plug that is difficult to reach then you may need a special adapter tool that can allow you to better access the plug. These can really come in handy when working with cars that sit low to the ground or have a tight area to work with. There are many different tools that are made to assist you in getting the oil in your vehicle changed effectively and without too much of a mess.

Most of these tools can be found at your local auto parts store however if you are looking for something in particular you may have better luck finding what you are looking for online. You can find a variety of tools online and a variety of prices depending on the tool or brand you decide to purchase.

When it comes to convenience and cleanliness you may find that they are all valuable tools to have when changing your oil. If you are unsure which type of tool to purchase for your vehicle then you may be able to ask a mechanic or someone who works at an auto parts store for advice. Making sure you have the right tools can make a big difference in how easy and quickly you will be able to perform your oil change on your vehicle.

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