Oil Filter Gasket

Motor oil is an essential car component that performs some hefty tasks. It not only lubricates the interior of the engine but it also soaks up contaminants. Some of them flow into the suspension and some are of chemical base that are held onto by the additives. This is how oil can soon be inundated with contaminants and harms the internal parts of the engine. This is where oil filters come in. An oil filter gasket is a little object that is one of the most vital components of the oil filter engineering, because it works as the tool that holds the base together accordingly for a filter to run its course.

At first, the earlier designs of the automobile engines did not contain any oil filters. In 1923, Ernest Sweetland invented something he called the “Purolator”, roughly broken down to “Pure Oil Later”. This was the modern oil filter. However, these oil filters did not have a good performance record. In 1950’s the “spin on” oil filters were made public as disposable fast performing oil filters. As the car engines evolved, oil filtration became an essential for engines. Before filters consisted of wool and other fabrics to soak up the used oil, later cellulose were used to cut down on the production cost. The modern filters are now mostly use cellulose; however these are mostly low cost disposable filters. The long lasting filters use a high tech synthetic media, in some cases intense fine metal web works as well.

The oil is retrieved from the oil filter and it passes through the oil passages to the engine. The oil is introduced into the filter under pressure, which is the basic and most vital part of this engineering, the oil flows by the filter media where it is refined, and then it is collected in the central tube before being pumped into the engine again. The only single component that prevents the oil from leaking is the gasket.

Basic “spin on” oil filters pumps oil at the speed of a gallon a minute. Thus if the base didn’t exist, the oil would be used up in a matter of minutes. And the outcome would be long term if not terrible engine failure. Thus the gasket is the most vital part of this system as it holds the base together. The gasket works as a support between the filter and the engine. And over time the gasket tends to become sub-standard due to engine vibration. If the gasket falls off, the whole filter system fails because it loses the original pressure. This quite often leads to a purchase of a brand new engine, which costs a lot.

The quality of the gasket determines the length of time for the usage of the oil filter. The oil filters that are available for few dollars are good enough for a short term period. The premium ones however cost more but provides less hassle and works longer. They usually have a warranty of 2 to 5 years. They are made up of very high tech engineering that provides solid performance when it comes to filtering oil. It is recommended to use top quality engine oil to go with high tech filtering system as they compliment each other’s performance.

The modern engineering has provided the filter technology as a way of recycling a substance such as motor oil. Back in the days, motor oils would be dumped by the road every 500-1000 miles. In the modern age, we not only hold the ability to reuse and recycle motor oil, but through this process, we are helping the environment as well as saving big money. Thus investment in a good long term filter is essential if one is operating a good vehicle.

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