Oil Pressure Regulator

The oil pressure regulator is a part that is specifically designed to regulate the pressure of the oil which is used in an automobile. The most common problem that this may pose in a vehicle is a broken regulator or simply older parts which will not work as well as they used to. To ensure that the oil pressure regulator works to its fullest ability, it should be replaced when it starts to cause problems or if it has been in use for several years because the metal may wear away and become brittle with time. These parts are often not very expensive to replace in general vehicles but specialty vehicles may need special parts than the generic options available.

How the oil pressure regulator works in a vehicle has to do with the oil pressure while the vehicle is running. As oil heats up, or when the mechanical processes use the oil excessively, the oil pressure begins to build up. This can cause several issues in the vehicle, thus an oil pressure regulator is used to regulate the amount of pressure that the oil exerts within the vehicle. The oil pressure regulator uses a special spring that is compressed while the engine and the vehicle are in use. Once the oil pressure goes up, the spring is compressed more and the oil pressure is reduced to a more acceptable level for vehicle operation.

The oil pressure regulator is composed of several pieces which must be in place for the oil pressure regulator to function correctly. The device consists of a oil pressure sleeve, a plunge which fits inside the sleeve, a spring and plate as well as a washer and a gasket. These need to be set into the oil pressure regulator valve cover and secured in place with two self locking nuts with two flat washers in place. When used by a vehicle, the spring within the setup will compress and the plate will be pressed up to a point in which the signal is sent to lower the oil pressure. This is useful in many vehicles that have high mechanical energy or overheating issues as a way to help prevent damage caused by high oil pressures.

Replacing the part is simple and should only be done by a person with the knowledge to perform such a replacement procedure. The first thing that must be done is removal of the pressure regulator cover which will involve removing two self locking nuts and two washers as well as the cover. Real care must be taken because the spring loaded oil pressure regulator could put pressure on the cover and lose parts within the vehicle. This is often a very difficult thing for beginners or inexperienced mechanics. Next is simply removing the gasket, washer, plate, spring, plunger and oil pressure sleeve in that order. Replacement calls for new parts which are available from retailers and can even be replaced by an auto repair shop if they have it in stock.

Sales and retail of oil pressure regulators are usually available at a local auto parts store. Often times, this part is not needed very often and these stores may leave you coming out empty handed when you really require the replacement part. You could look online to find high quality oil pressure regulator parts that are compatible with the vehicle you are installing it into. Using higher quality parts from trusted sources will offer you the chance to have great working parts that will last much longer than generic parts produced by off the wall manufacturers of these important parts.

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