Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are sometimes seen in cars with a semi-automatic transmission which is able to change gears semi-automatically, allowing the driver to do the rest of the work with the levers which are located on either side of the steering wheel. Since street racing has become so popular with certain make and model cars, these paddle shifters have become much more common. With these types of vehicles a clutch is not required because it is only a semi-automated vehicle which means that the driver will still be able to be in control of shifting gears whenever necessary. These paddle shifters are able to change gears electronically as opposed to most other manual cars with a clutch which is able to shift gears mechanically. You will find that certain modern cars have these in them, such as the Honda Fit, GT race cars, the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, and many more. If you want a vehicle with a semi-automatic transmission it is highly recommended that you take some time to look around and see what some of your options are before making a decision either way.

People often choose cars with paddle shifters because of the fact that they tend to make for an easier and smoother driving experience as well as enabling drivers to save a significant amount in gas by switching gears themselves. A majority of cars with manual transmissions have what is called a clutch next to the driver’s seat which can be used to switch gears when needed, but with some of these modern vehicles there are paddle shifters to the driver does not have to keep on hand off the wheel at all times. There are quite a few people who view these paddle shifters as a convenience which has been a long time coming while other people who favor the classic manual design do not think they are necessary.

Although these paddle shifters are seen mostly in cars that are used for street racing, that is not always the case. Street racing has made them much more prevalent though, as they are far more convenient for those who engage in these activities. They enable the driver to keep their hands on the wheels at all times when they are operating the vehicle, making it easier to win races. This also allows for the driver to shift gears faster than ever which is certainly an important factor in automobile racing of any kind. You will very commonly see paddle shifters in Nascar vehicles where the drivers have to be able to shift gears in a split second and cannot afford to take one hand off the steering wheel because they are going at dangerous speeds around a circular track.

With a car that has paddle shifters you will be able to push one up to shift up and push the other one down to shift down. Although they do not offer the same number of shifting options that vehicles with a clutch do, they can still be extremely useful for those who find themselves racing quite a bit. While it used to be that only the most expensive vehicles would have paddle shifters in them, you will now be able to find them available on some lesser expensive sports cars which have been conforming to this trend more and more.

The semi-automatic engine design is definitely increasing in popularity, especially with those who do not like the idea of having to constantly keep one hand off the steering wheel and the other on the clutch. Most 21st century Ferraris have paddle shifters because they are very commonly used for racing as well as Formula 1 cars and the Toyota mr2. If you are looking for a vehicle with a semi-automatic transmission, it will be important to review all of your choices so you will be able to know what you have to choose from.

Those who race quite a bit and do not like the traditional fully manual transmission with a clutch will definitely want to consider getting a car with shifting paddles; they tend to make for easier and faster driving which really counts when racing others, whether it is on a main street in the city or an actual race track. Shifting paddles have been used in race car and sports car designs for quite a while now but it wasn’t until recently that they started to catch on. You will have plenty of different options when it comes to vehicles that have these in them, but most of them will be quite expensive.

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