Pinion Depth Tool

Setting up your vehicle's differentials properly is very important in order to keep your vehicle running for years to come. Without having the differentials of your vehicle set up correctly your vehicle will not be able to get nearly as many miles as it should. There are many tools required when setting your vehicle's differentials correctly and it is important to have all the proper equipment before attempting this task. For those who like to work on and maintain your own vehicle you may be unaware of what all the tools that are required for this job may be or are used for.

One of the tools that is commonly used to help with differential set up is a pinion depth tool. Many people claim that they can accomplish a perfect differential set up without the pinion depth tool while others swear this is a great way to make sure your work is done accurately.

When you purchase after market gears for your vehicle it is advisable to purchase those that have the checking distance located on the pinion head. OEM gears do not have this feature. But this allows you to know exactly what the distance is you need to measure. Make sure you clean the top of the pinion head so it is ready. Dirt, paint or other debris can interfere with the proper measurement. There are several different types of pinion depth tools that can be used. Some are more complicated then others and are also more expensive. Many people prefer to stick to the less expensive and simpler pinion tools and they find that they are able to get accurate results.

You can even purchase pinion depth tool kits that allow you the ability to adjust the pinion depth on a variety of vehicles. These kits cost quite a bit but will include several other parts as well. Some will include a dial indicator, extension tips, target plates, calibration tubes, cross pins, aluminum bearing pucks and detailed instructions on how to set your differentials correctly. For someone who works on cars frequently this can be a very valuable kit. There are a few universal pinion depth tools that can be purchased as well and these can be a mechanics best friend. Other pinion depth tools must be purchased according to the type of vehicle you are working on. You may not be able to use the same pinion depth tool for a variety of different cars which can be frustrating. It is important to make sure the pinion depth tool that you purchase will work with your vehicle's differentials before you purchase it and start working on your car.

You can find all sorts of pinion depth tools to purchase online. Often shopping around for a reliable company that offers a good product as well as a price that fits in your budget can take time, but in the end you will be happy you found the proper tool to accomplish the job correctly. Working on your vehicle's differentials should be taken seriously therefore making sure they are set correctly is crucial in preventing damage to your vehicle. Many people feel that they can set their differentials without a pinion depth tool however you may like knowing yours were set accurately by using the pinion depth tool. Everyone has a different preference in the way they do things and what may work for one person may not be the best option for another. If you feel that working with all the tools available to you is the best choice for you then getting a pinion depth tool is advisable.

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