Portable Tire Compressor

Getting a flat tire can happen to anybody at any time. If you have a portable tire compressor you can solve the problem almost instantly. There is no need to get your spare tire and Jack out in most circumstances. All you have to do nowadays is get your portable tire compressor out and put it into a power source and connect the inflation hose up to the tire valve stem and turn it on. In less than two minutes you can have a flat tire fell back up with air and be on your way again.

A portable tire compressor is a useful little device that you can carry around with you to put air in your tires if one ever goes flat. You can keep a portable tire compressor in the trunk of your vehicle. It is useful for a variety of other reasons, for instance you can use it to inflate soccer balls, air mattresses, or other applications. They come in a variety of sizes shapes and inflation capacities. Portable tire compressors are small, lightweight and can work with a common 12 V battery. You just connect them to your car cigarette lighter or power outlet. They work very much like any other air compressor only they are much smaller and you can take it with you.

Many people these days would not leave home or go on a trip without a portable tire compressor just in case they get a flat tire. With one of these handy tools you won't even need to have to call a tow truck. These are neat little tools for women to have also. Now they can air up their own tire if it goes flat.

The efficiency of a portable tire oppressor can be quite impressive for some brands. Many models have an extension cord so that you can place the tire compressor near the tire as you air it up. This prevents the need from carrying it back and forth to the power supply. An electric cord and pump hose facilitates the inflation of all four wheels if necessary. A good portable tire compressor will have 120 V motor and a cooling fan to prevent it from overheating.

You can shop around and find them online on various sites for discounted prices. Many tool stores carry them also. A portable tire compressor is a good tool to have no matter what time the year is. Probably one of the best things about having a portable tire compressor is that you do not have to worry about if your spare tire is flat. Many times when people get a flat tire they open the trunk to use the spare tire, only to find it is flat too. This is not a good situation to be in especially if your cell phone dead battery also and you are on a lonely country road.

It is just common sense to see that making a small investment by purchasing a portable tire compressor and keeping it in the trunk of your car is a smart thing to do. You should do this not only for your convenience sake, but for your protection. In the case of a flat tire at least, you will not have to worry about being stranded out in the middle of nowhere without gas station nearby and lack of cell phone reception. As long as your car's battery is charged up, you will be able to use it as the power supply to run their compressor to inflate tires. It is also nice to know that you can re-inflate the flat tire as often as you need to until you reach the next service station so you can have your tire repaired.

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