Power Distribution Block

The power distribution block is another term used for a fuse box. All vehicles have fuses. Fuses are responsible for powering the many areas of the car that require power to work. The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment and receives its power from the alternator. When the power gets to the distribution block or fuse box it then directs the required amount of power to various car parts in need of power for functioning. Since the power distribution block works with fuses, you must have proper working fuses inserted into the box in order to receive the power that the distribution box has to offer.

There are a few ways to tell if your power distribution box may need to be replaced. Since the power distribution box is responsible for distributing power to all the fuses that are connected, this means that everything on the car that is plugged into this box must not be working at the same time. When the power to all fuses has failed to be delivered then the distribution box may be at fault. However if you find that only one particular part of the car has stopped receiving power then this may mean you need to replace that particular fuse controlling that car part. Many times a vehicle will blow a fuse and one part of the car will stop receiving power. This could be your headlights, your dashboard, your rear defroster, your air conditioner, your powered locks, windows, mirrors or even your window wipers. Anything that requires power to run in your vehicle will have a fuse that plugs into the power distribution block. Another reason the car may not have power is if the alternator needs to be replaced or the car battery is dead. Both of these can cause the car to lose power to all of its powered devices. However if the car battery is dead or the alternator has stopped working your car will also not start. This is a definite sign that there is more going on then just a blown fuse or a bad power distribution block.

Since fuses are crucial in keeping all your vehicle’s parts running properly, it is a good idea to always have a few extra fuses on hand. Keeping some extra fuses in the car or trunk will ensure you are never stuck on the road with a blown fuse. Having a blown fuse that controls your headlights or window wipers can be very dangerous when driving at night or in the rain. Some fuses may not need to be replaced right away but others are very important when it comes to driving the vehicle safely.

If you need to replace the power distribution block you can find a new replacement block that is fairly inexpensive. There are several types of distribution blocks that you can choose from and some may even have a separate area to store extra fuses or a fuse puller. This can be very handy. Having a fuse puller is another great tool since some of the fuses fit pretty snuggly inside the distribution block and can become hard to pull out with your bare hands.

If you are in need of a power distribution block you can order one online or look at your nearest auto parts store. For those who are unsure how to replace the power distribution block correctly it is best to find a professional to do the installation for you. Since the power distribution block is responsible for such a big job you want to make sure it is installed properly or you will be without power to all areas of your car. The power distribution block is just one of the important car parts that you cannot live without.

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