Radar Detector

Radar detectors are used to warn a driver of police officers on the road that are using radars to detect cars who are driving at high speeds. Although speeding is illegal and potentially dangerous, there are still devices made to prevent a person from being caught speeding. Radars are one way a police officer can determine the speed of an oncoming or passing vehicle. Having a radar detector in your car can allow you to slow down at the right time to prevent you from getting a ticket.

There are many types of radar detectors that can be purchased today however some are much better and more reliable than others. The technology behind radars and radar detectors is constantly advancing and therefore purchasing a newer model radar detector is probably a better choice. Radar detectors range in price quite a bit. Some of the best models can range all the way up near $500. This may be expensive but many people who travel for a living or spend a lot of time on the road may feel that this is an investment worth making. Speeding tickets can be extremely costly and repeat offenders may be at risk of losing their license or even their job if they drive for their career.

Picking the radar detector that will fill your needs is important. Some radar detectors are corded, some are cordless and some are called remote-mounted detectors. The corded detectors usually provide some of the best detection of all types of detectors. They are typically installed on the vehicle’s window shield by use of suction cups. The only downfall to using this type of radar detector is that they are visible by everyone and can be a target of car thieves. Cordless detectors are convenient because they can sit anywhere inside the vehicle and are portable which allows them to be moved from one car to another easily. The remote-mounted detectors are permanent and are a lot more discreet which allows them to look like they are part of the car’s regular dash board.

Radar detectors are capable of detecting all sorts of radars whether in the city or out in the country. The problem with radar detectors in the city is that there are so many radars that the detector is constantly sending you warnings. Luckily on many of the detectors you can choose a city mode that turns down the sensitivity of the detector in order to minimize the amount of false alarms. Once you are on the highway or out away from the city you can change the mode in order to pick up on more radars that are in the area.

You may also choose other features that come on different models of radar detectors. Some of the radar detectors come with laser detectors as well. This not only allows protection against police radars but also against the lasers that they often use to detect speeding.

Having a radar detector can offer you added protection against getting a speeding ticket however since radar detectors have become so popular over the last few decades, police have gotten wise and started using radar detector detectors. These actually detect the detectors you are using in your car. You can get in trouble for owning a radar detector in many places so you should always check your states laws before purchasing one.

Radar detectors are never 100% guaranteed to catch all radars and should never be completely relied upon. They may do a great job however using caution when driving is always a must. You should never speed to the point where it is dangerous for either you or the other passengers on the road.

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