Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror allows a driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and objects. It is one of the most important safety devices in the vehicle. For this reason, a flat mirror must be used because a convex mirror would give a false impression of the true distance. In fact, it is illegal in many countries to use anything other than a flat mirror. However, some minor modifications are still possible, such as adding a mobile phone control panel or a mirror with a tiny camera screen.

The glare of headlights in a rear view mirror is a dangerous part of night driving. Most mirrors have a small tab that allows the driver to minimize glare by changing how much light the mirror reflects. This is done by using a wedge-shaped piece of glass instead of a flat mirror. The reflection is similar to that seen in a window when looking out into darkness from a bright room. The person looking out of the window can see what is behind them because the faint reflection is not overpowered by light coming through the window.

It is widely accepted that driving while holding a mobile phone is very dangerous, both to the driver and other people using the road. Most countries now have laws that prohibit it along with tough penalties for those who are caught. However, many busy drivers still want to use their phones without stopping. One solution is to place a wireless control panel on the rear view mirror. The driver can then operate the phone by pressing buttons on the mirror while talking with a wireless earpiece, all without taking their eyes off the road.

The rear view mirror has a blindspot directly behind the vehicle, where the driver can only see something if it is several feet behind the vehicle. Unfortunately, this has results in many tragic accidents involving children being hit by reversing vehicles. In recent years, small cameras mounted in the rear of a vehicle have been used to avoid this problem. The view from the camera is displayed on a small screen on the central console. However, many drivers find it difficult to look down at the screen, and would prefer it if the view was higher up.

An innovation that solves the problem of looking down at a small screen has been developed recently. It is a rear view mirror that has a small display in the corner that shows the view from the rear camera. To avoid distracting the driver, the display becomes invisible when turned off. This is made possible by using electrochromatic technology, also called smart glass. While these are far more expensive than regular mirrors, for some people it is money well spent to avoid looking down at a screen all the time.

It is a simple task to replace a rear view mirror but it is more difficult to replace the metal bracket holding it. The bracket is glued to the windshield with a strong adhesive but excessive heat and humidity can cause the bond to fail. The only tool required to replace the mirror is a screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on the type of screw holding it. The screw may be hidden behind a cover that can be hard to find. Once found, the cover can be remove by prying it off with a small knife.

To install a new bracket, first clean the windshield with alcohol to remove any old adhesive and grease that could prevent a strong bond forming. Use a razor blade to remove any old adhesive that cannot be removed with alcohol. On the outside of the windshield, mark the bracket area with a pen or sticky tape. Apply a thin coating of adhesive to the bracket and press it firmly onto the windshield. Hold it in place for a few minutes until the adhesive has taken. Wait about one hour before attaching the new mirror so that the bond has enough strength to hold it.

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