Replacement Carburetors

Carburetors are an integral piece of a vehicle that greatly affect the performance and lifetime of your car, truck, or SUV. Automotive engines are designed to burn gasoline in order to create pressure and then convert this pressure into movement. Each combustion cycle within the engine requires a miniscule amount of gasoline – about 10 mg of gas per stroke within the combustion cycle is all that is required. The engine’ you s carburetor serves the purpose of mixing and supplying the perfect amount of gasoline with air so that the vehicle's engine can function adequately. If the carburetor breaks, and not enough air is supplied to the engine, mechanics called this problem “the engine running lean,” and this ultimately leads to decreased performance and possibly even a damaged engine. If the carburetor supplies too much air to the engine mechanics call this problem “the engine running rich,” and this will cause the vehicle to smoke, run slowly, or it may even flood the engine. Thus, replacing your carburetor with the right replacement carburetor is imperative if you want to ensure the life and performance of your vehicle.

When to Buy a Replacement Carburetor
If you have been noticing that your car is overheating frequently, or simply failing to start, you may need to have it assessed by a professional mechanic. If the mechanic discovers that there is a problem with the carburetor, there are two options at this point – you may opt to have the current carburetor repaired, which may be a suitable solution depending on how badly the carburetor is damaged, and what type of damage has been done, or you may opt to purchase a replacement carburetor. If your engine problems are a result of a faulty carburetor, then purchasing a replacement cover for your vehicle will ensure that the problem is fixed, whereas simply repairing the current carburetor may be a waste of time and money if it fails again in the near future.

The Cost of a Replacement Carburetor
The cost of a replacement carburetor will vary depending on what type of vehicle you have, where you purchased carburetor, whether you purchase it online (as shipping and handling expenses may increase the overall cost), and whether you pay to have it installed. The average price of a replacement carburetor ranges from $100-$500. The cost of installation ranges from $100-$300, depending on the mechanic; so, many people opt to install the replacement carburetor themselves using guides found on the Internet. If you do not have adequate mechanic experience, then self installation is not recommended, as a faulty installation could result in dangerous driving conditions or a waste of your investment.

Replacement Carburetor Installations
The process of replacing a carburetor in your vehicle will depend on the vehicle's model, year of production, and various other factors. The best way to ensure that the installation is done properly, if you're doing it yourself, is to thoroughly review the manufacturer's documentation within the owner's manual of the vehicle. For someone without the appropriate tools and experience, a replacement carburetor installation may be too difficult, which is why most people choose to have a professional mechanic install the replacement carburetor for them, even though this greatly increases the overall cost of the repair. If you choose to perform the installation yourself but you do not have access to the manufacturer's manual, you may be able to find a copy of it online by typing in the model name of your vehicle followed by “owner's manual” in any major search engine. If you are unable to find a copy of the owner's manual because your car is a classic, you may be able to find a copy by inquiring on specialty forums and online communities.

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