Safelite Glass

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a vehicle, short of it breaking down, is to get a crack in your windshield. Even if it doesn't break the glass, the tiny spider web is a visual eyesore, and it does harm the structural integrity of the glass. Over time, the cracks will spread and get worse, and eventually, the glass may break. Some auto repair companies will tell you that the only way to deal with this problem is to completely replace the windshield or window that is cracked. However, there is another solution: have the glass repaired by a Safelite glass technician.

Safelite glass is installed by Safelite AutoGlass, a company that has grown from one single store to a chain that covers the entire United States. Safelite AutoGlass first opened its doors in 1947 in Wichita, Kansas. Now, the company serves customers nation-wide, and they estimate that they help over 3.5 million customers every year! The reason for this is that Safelite is dedicated to quality repair. They actually offer 24-hour scheduling, something few auto repair shops offer. They also give you the option of bringing your vehicle in to their shop for service or coming to you with their mobile repair station.

All of the Safelite technicians are trained and certified, and they use only the best materials in their work. In fact, Safelite is the only national autoglass company that has its own internal certification program. Technicians who complete this program know the American National Standard Institute's auto glass replacement standards backwards and forwards, so you know they'll do a great job. This training and the fact that Safelite glass is strong and dependable are only a couple of the reasons many insurance companies use Safelite AutoGlass.

You may be afraid that taking your vehicle in for service will take up your entire day. In fact, if you've got a lot of work to do, you may not be able to deal with it at all. That's just one of the reasons Safelite offers their mobile repairs. However, if you want to take your vehicle to Safelite, it won't take all day. In fact, their windshield repair service takes less than half an hour fix any little cracks, chips, or nicks that are less than six inches long. Of course, it will take longer if the entire windshield has to be replaced or if the cracks are larger, but it's still not a huge time sink. This repair service may even make replacement unnecessary since they can stop the cracks from spreading and make your windshield look almost like new.

It's also not that expensive. Replacing your windshield, especially if your insurance will not cover it, may not be within your budget scope. However, if you have your windshield repaired, some insurance companies will even waive the deductible, so it won’t cost you a thing! That's yet another great reason to head to Safelite Glass. Of course, if you later have any problems with your repaired windshield, just return to Safelite for an inspection. They back all of their repairs with a warranty, and they promise you'll be able to pass any lease turn-back or state inspection.

While no one wants to have to deal with cracks and chips in their windshield, it often happens. If you're looking for a company that can help you deal with those cracks without costing you a fortune, then Safelite Glass is exactly what you want. Their experienced techs, dedication to quality and national reputation makes them one of the top auto glass companies in the United States.

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