Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Subwoofers are speakers that are specifically designed to reproduce lower bass frequencies. These lower frequencies are typically between 20 and 125 Hz. Subwoofers are typically large in size compared to other speakers and need much more power in which to operate than standard speakers. Subwoofers are very commonly found in home theater systems as well as cars and trucks. They are not considered simply standalone speakers but instead add to the sound received from traditional speakers. The quality of subwoofers depends primarily on the construction as well as the specific components used in its creation. Traditional subwoofers are created from a variety of materials such as carbon, aluminum, reinforced paper and others. Each specific material provides different sounds than others.

The enclosure of a subwoofer also contributes to the overall sound quality. The enclosures that are used for subwoofers allow them to be mounted and provide the room needed to create the specific bass sounds. There are many types and varieties of subwoofer enclosures that each provides different levels of volume and different sound effects. When purchasing a new subwoofer for a car of home theater system, you will need to determine whether you want the subwoofer mounted or not.

Un-mounted subwoofers are the basic form. These are not ready to be used and must be first installed into a box or enclosure. Subwoofers that come pre-enclosed are ready to use immediately as soon as you hook them up to your stereo or home theater system. They are the most expensive type, but save time and frustration in installation. Those that do not come mounted allow you more control to customize your sound and choose a box that works better for your specific needs.

Shallow mount subwoofers are an excellent choice for those who have little space available. These are subwoofers that are included in a very low enclosure, perfect for fitting underneath car seats or other tightly fitting areas. There are a variety of shallow mount subwoofers currently available, many more than previously on the market as the demand has grown over the past few years. Many consumers prefer the smaller boxes because they help to save space. While many people prefer to mount subwoofers in the trunk of a car, this is not always possible. If you have need of your trunk for other uses, you may not be able to fit a subwoofer into the space available. Shallow mounted subs are an excellent solution for those who simply do not have the needed trunk space available. They are also excellent choices for those who drive pickup trucks as they typically do not have the available space for a traditional subwoofer. Shallow mounted subwoofers perform well when used in the proper sized enclosure and provide an excellent solution for those facing space limitation problems.

Those who simply do not have the room needed for a more traditional box find shallow mounted subs to be the perfect answer. Most slim or shallow subwoofers require less than three and one-half inches of mounting depth. These slimmer models have changed significantly since they were first seen on the market a few years ago. Earlier models simply did not produce the sound that many consumers wanted in a subwoofer. Today’s models however, offer deep, pounding bass and overall excellent sound quality. Popular manufactures of shallow mounted subwoofers include Pioneer, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Earthquake, Infinity, JL Audio, Power Acoustik and several others. These shallow mounted models can be purchased at a variety of automotive websites online or at many wholesale, department stores and most automotive parts and specialty retailers. Prices will vary considerably according to where you purchase and the specific manufacturer that you choose.

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