Side Mirror

Everybody who’s ever driven a car knows how useful a side mirror is. And if you’ve ever driven a bigger vehicle, like a moving truck or van, you know that they can literally be lifesavers. They’re mandated by laws in many countries to be included on vehicles, but even if that wasn’t the case, they’d be included on every car that is produced today. And while it is possible to drive without one or even both of a car’s side mirrors, it isn’t easy or convenient, and it is much less safe. We all use tem countless times without thinking, and they care one of the car parts most often taken for granted.

However, it’s not uncommon to need a new side view mirror. They are easily broken and smashed by any side contact, and it’s not uncommon to hear of them being broken while parked by a driver that is driving carelessly. If you need to replace a mirror for whatever reason, this article should help tremendously. It is very possible to save money on getting the mirror replaced by doing it yourself, and this article will go through the steps needed to replace the side mirror.

The first step to replacing a side mirror is to determine whether you need to replace the entire assembly. If just the glass is cracked without any damage to the assembly itself, it may be possible to just buy the glass. If so, that’s an opportunity you’ll want to jump at, because replacing the entire mirror structure can cost several hundred dollars. Replacing just the glass can cost less than $20, and is a project that is easily done on your own. If you were to get a mechanic to fix it, they might suggest replacing the whole assembly unnecessarily, and even if they don’t, the labor costs can easily double the price.

Almost any auto parts store should have a variety of mirrors, and finding one that will fit your side mirror shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, you’ll be able to easily find the right mirror online, or from your car’s manufacturer. You’ll also need an adhesive that will stick the glass onto the assembly itself. Again, you will definitely be able to find this at an auto store, just as for a black rubber sealant for mirror glass, and a clerk will be able to get it for you.

Once you have those materials, you’ll need to remove whatever is left of your old glass, if there is anything. Make sure you use gloves to protect your hands, and dispose of the glass properly. You do not need to remove any of the old stick pads from the mirror base; as a matter of fact, they’ll only help your new mirror stay on. Now, apply the rubber sealent around the perimeter of the mirror base, putting a little in the middle. Make sure that you do NOT apply the sealant to the stick pads; they don’t need it. From there, all you need to do is place the mirror onto the assembly correctly, and you’re done! It’s a very simple procedure, and done for less than $20 and five minutes.

Unfortunately, if you need to replace the entire assembly, that is not as simple a job, and you may want to take it to a mechanic. It’s not a job that can be accomplished by just anybody with a basic toolset, and it’s not an easy job either. As said earlier, it’s also an expensive job. And while you will save money doing that yourself, you don’t want to have something go wrong or break, and then have to consult a mechanic anyways.

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