Smog Pump

All vehicles emit a certain amount of emissions. These emissions are pollutants to our environment therefore our vehicles have been upgraded over the years and equipped with special features and car parts that help lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that leave our car and enter into the air. One of the parts that help perform this task is the smog pump. The smog pump controls the air pollutants by re-circulating the car's exhaust gases back through the car's air intake valves instead of out into the environment.

Many people feel that this car part is disposable and remove it from the car. This can cause your car to leak very toxic fumes into the air. This can actually be illegal in many states due to emission laws, and emission screening tests are required to prevent people from driving around with cars polluting the air. A lot of cities and states in the U.S. have cracked down on smog and are very firm about regulating the amount of smog that is tolerated. If it is suspected that your vehicle is on the road without this important part intact then you may be fined or lose your driver's license.

For this reason it is crucial to have a working smog pump on your car. If your car's smog pump has become faulty then you should have it replaced with a proper replacement as soon as possible. There are many brands of smog pumps to choose from and most are made with high quality materials. The new smog pumps have durable seals and carbon shoes which helps prevent any exhaust gases from escaping into the air. In order to have your smog pump properly fitted to avoid leaks it is necessary to have your car’s smog pump installed by a professional mechanic. The seals on the smog pump have to be perfect in order to prevent gas emissions from leaving the car. The new smog pump will need to be welded into place securely to make sure this happens correctly.

You can choose to purchase your own smog pump kit for installation or you may take your car to the mechanic and have them order the right smog pump for you. If you decide to shop for your own new smog pump then you need to purchase a smog pump that is of high quality and made from strong parts. Make sure to purchase a smog pump that is guaranteed to last for years to come. You may find that when you shop for a smog pump they are also called air injection pumps. This can help you broaden your search. The term smog pump is actually a slang term used for the same part. Since the pump is responsible for pumping the gaseous air into the exhaust system, air injection pump is the technical term. The slang term smog pump was created once the gaseous toxins from the car were considered contributors to the smog in the air.

Sometimes if your car is leaking emissions you may not need to replace the entire smog pump. There are other parts that are associated with the air injection system. You may need a new gasket, air filter, air control valve, a new air pump hose, an air seal, rubber mount, shut off valve gasket, air valve hose or emissions hose. All of these car parts work together to help accomplish the same goal. You can replace the smog pump and quite possibly solve your air leak problems but in the event that replacing the smog pump does not fix the problem then you may look into checking some of these other parts. This is when it is nice to have a mechanic evaluate the car parts to determine exactly where the leak is coming from. Having a smog free car is important for the environment and will keep you from paying hefty fines if caught with a faulty pump.

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  1. Thank you for the information on smog pumps. This auto part in particular has a very important function. Cutting down on toxic emissions is critical to keep air pollution from poisoning our environment. It is also essential that the pump is working efficiently. Keeping up on auto repairs and making sure the smog pump is not leaking harmful emissions should be on everyone's list. Thanks again for sharing your information.