Spark Delay Valve

The spark delay valve is also known as a vacuum delay valve. The function of this particular car part is to delay the vacuum to the vacuum advance unit when rapid acceleration is needed. This happens anytime the car is in idle or during acceleration occurring at any speed under 15 miles per hour. It also immediately cuts off the spark advance when the car needs to slow during deceleration. This valve sits in between the carburetor and the distributor spark advance.

The spark delay valve has a small internal orifice that is able to slow air coming through in one direction and it also has a check valve that allows air to flow freely in the opposite direction. The air is able to move in only one direction through each of the chambers which prevents air from flowing in the wrong direction through the vacuum.

There are many car parts under the hood of your car, all serving a different and important purpose, so it is very easy to become confused about what each part is responsible for. If you start having a problem with your vehicle and are unsure what all the parts do then you may want to take your car into a mechanic to have it looked at by a professional. Trying to determine what is wrong with your vehicle can be tough when it comes to investigating all the small parts for trouble. If your car starts having problems with the acceleration or deceleration process then there are several things that could be causing this. Other parts that surround the spark delay valve may also cause many problems within the emissions of a vehicle.

If you suspect that the spark delay valve is causing a problem then you can find a replacement part that is fairly inexpensive. Most spark delay valves for many vehicles cost under $20 through a car parts distributer online. If you take your car into a mechanic to be fixed the part may cost you a little more. Before ordering your spark delay valve, make sure you know the exact sized part that you need for your vehicle. There are different sized valves that fit a variety of car makes and models. The spark delay valve unfortunately is not a one size fits all part and therefore you need to know the size vacuum hose that it will need to connect to.

For those who enjoy working on their own vehicles you may want an emissions diagram for your vehicle to follow to in ensure all the car parts get put back together correctly. If the parts are not put back together correctly your vehicle may not run properly or you may begin emitting toxic fumes into the air. When this happens you may not pass an emissions test which could prevent you from being able to drive your vehicle until it passes. This can become a frustrating process since a lot of states are becoming rather strict about the standards a vehicle must have to be permitted to drive on the road. If you continue to drive a vehicle that has not passed an emissions test you can be fined or lose your license. You will not be able to get the registration or tags on your vehicle until the vehicle has passed all the required tests.

The spark delay valve plays an important role but is only one of many parts that need to be evaluated and maintained on a regular basis. In order to keep your car running properly you should have all your car parts tuned up and inspected thoroughly every couple of years. Our vehicles are used daily and therefore it is only normal for the parts to become worn out over time. This applies to all the car's parts, including the spark delay valve.

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