Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

There are many numerous exhaust tips online for all kinds of exhausts made of different materials. Stainless steel exhaust tips are exhaust tips that are constructed with stainless steel tubes out of steel alloy. About 10 percent of all stainless steel exhaust tips have chromium content in them as well. The way stainless steel exhaust tips are made is by using aluminized tubing with rolled steel that is then submerged into silicon-aluminum alloy. This gives the exhaust tips extra strength so they can last a long time. Exhaust tips made from stainless steel are resistant to corrosion because of their ability to produce a thin oxide coating when exposed to oxygen. The components that provide this protection are aluminum and chromium oxide. This is why stainless steel exhaust tips are so highly resistant to rust.

Since stainless steel exhaust tips are resistant to rust. Damage that can occur to them like small scratches or nicks won’t cause any rust at all. This is why many people prefer them. Simple aluminized steel exhaust tips only have a very thin layer of coating. That coating protects against rust on the surface but not against scratches or nicks. Salt and other corrosive elements can ultimately eat through aluminum coated exhaust tips too. With stainless steel, rust is really not going to be a problem for a lifetime of the exhaust tip. Another advantage to stainless steel exhaust tips is their ability to be polished for a bright shine.

After market exhaust tips that are made of stainless steel come in a variety of shapes, each designed to fit the look of your truck, car or SUV. There are 3 ways to install stainless steel exhaust tips. The easiest are bolt on. Bolt on stainless steel exhaust tips takes only a few minutes to install with only a couple of tools. Another type of installation is weld on exhaust tips. If you’re not a welder, you will have to have your stainless steel exhaust tips welded on for you by a professional welder if they are not able the bolt on type. An advantage to weld on stainless steel exhaust tips is that they don’t have the potential of coming lose like some bolt on exhaust tips do. Finally, last type are the ones that require clamp on installation. Most of the time clamp on exhaust tip may require welding as well.

Some after market stainless steel exhaust tips are designed with colored flames and some even look like chrome. There are many different sizes, shapes and designs that can be custom fitted at a welding shop. Decent looking stainless steel exhaust tips can make any car, truck or SUV look clean and sporty. Not only do they look 10 times better than stock exhaust tips, they can produce a better sound. In terms of performance, they do not add any torque or horse power. Stainless steel exhaust tips are primarily for looks, durability, rust resistant, sound and convenience. However, a well designed stainless steel exhaust tip can produce a high quality sound.

Polished stainless steel exhaust tips are weather proof and some are chrome plated. This adds extra protection against environmental corrosion. The after market stainless steel exhaust tip is also a big item with motorcycles enthusiasts. They are especially well liked by Harley riders. Since motorcycle exhaust are more exposed than those on cars, trucks and SUV’s. So the added protection against rust makes them ideal for motorcycles. Stainless steel exhaust tips come in single tips, dual tips, large or long tips for trucks and are fairly inexpensive. There are tons of sites online that manufacture any type or style of exhaust tip you can think of.

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