Steering Box

Previously, only dealers had access to steering boxes. However, now consumers can bypass the dealer and purchase these kits directly from manufacturers, at a price that is more affordable. Called by many names, the steering box makes sure the steering in your vehicle doesn't leak, bind or make it difficult to steer the vehicle. Steering boxes are popular among hot rod and rig drivers, and if your vehicle starts to sway off-course, you may need a new one. If damage of your steering box is left unaddressed, your rig can seriously jerk, causing accidents that can even prove to be deadly.

Steering boxes essentially put the power behind your steering. If your steering box goes you, you are basically going on autopilot and you can get into an accident. If you're bearing a lot of weight on your front axles and it isn't your tires or their balance, you should seriously inspect your steering and consider purchasing a new steering box. Aside from the usual wear and tear of a steering a box, adjustments can be made to the box to prevent any further damage. Fluid is usually not the issue. There are even kits you can purchase to re-build your steering box.

The steering box can be found at the end of the steering shaft, and is has a gear that looks like a worm. This worm-like gear communicates with the steering wheel to operate the front wheels adequately. Most steering boxes are power assist, which means they will be hooked up to a power steering pump. The steering box is connected to the steering wheel via an arm.

The proper steering equipment will ensure a safe and comfortable ride for passengers. Below you will find various vendors of steering boxes:

  • offers high quality parts at a lower cost. Their various offerings include steering rack and pinions, steering gear boxes, power steering racks, power steering boxes, and manual steering boxes. offers a solid selection of material, 24 hours of service and customer service agents that can help you purchase the right product.
  • Car Steering Wholesale offers a full inventory of steering boxes that are protected by a full warranty. Car Steering Wholesale boasts good stock, fastshipping and a 24-hour customer service help line. All orders are shipped free of charge.
  • Power Steering Pros offers high quality parts at affordable prices and boast of modern technologies including center steer designs, variable assist, speed proportional steering, Servoitronic, and Magna Steer.
  • promises swift, free delivery for parts that are up to 70 percent cheaper than if you were to go directly to the car dealer.
  • offers steering boxes for a wide variety of vehicles. This wholesale parts distributor offers customer service assistance via chat and offers free ground shipping. All parts have a minimum of a one-year warranty.

When purchasing a steering box, be sure that the salesperson is very familiar with the make and model of your car. Also be clear about your driving habits and what you hope to expect from a new steering box. Upon receiving the steering box, you will need to decide if you would like to install it yourself or pay a mechanic to do it for you. Make an effort to keep all original packaging and parts in the event that you experience damage on your part. Before purchasing the steering box, be fully informed of any warranties that may be offered, and thoroughly understand the refund and exchange policy. Most importantly, after installing the steering box, take special care to properly maintenance the system so that you do not have to do through the process again.

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