Steering Gear Replacement Kits

Steering gear replacement kits can be a lifesaver if your steering is on the fritz. They can save you money and time if you know what you are doing. Do not put off replacing your steering gearbox or it could get worse and you could find yourself on a busy road with no steering control. With your life and other lives at stake, you need to be aware of the performance of your vehicle at all times and the most important part of performance is controlling where your car is going.

Your steering wheel is attached to the steering gearbox by the steering shaft and when you move your steering wheel, the steering gearbox steers the vehicle by pushing or pulling the front wheels of the vehicle through a series of linkages. Replacing the steering gearbox may become necessary if it has become worn and there is excess play in the steering. This causes the steering to not respond as quickly as it should which could cause a serious accident. This is dangerous and you will want to replace it as soon as possible. A worn steering gearbox could also cause oil to leak so you may find yourself needing to replace your steering gearbox and many manufacturers have made this process easy by offering steering gear replacement kits for all types of vehicles.

Steering gear replacement kits come with all the seals, gaskets, and bearings required to replace your steering gearbox at home with just a few common shop tools. The removal and replacement for standard power steering gears is very similar to the removal and replacement of a manual gear just with an additional two fluid lines. So if your car is equipped with power steering, you want to disconnect and cap off the two fluid lines to prevent fluid loss and contamination. However, when you replace a power steering gear you need to check the condition of the fluid and hoses first. Contaminated fluid should be changed and faulty or deteriorated hoses should be replaced. Fluid level should be adjusted as the power steering unit is replaced and any air needs to be bled out, then a recheck of the fluid level needs to be done.

The universal joint should be marked before disassembly so you can be sure that the new one is replaced in the same position. Steering wheel position will need to be changed if the coupler is replaced improperly and some coupler and steering shaft splines have a missing or a flat master spline to ensure proper alignment. Recheck the condition of the coupler because damaged ones must be rebuilt or replaced. The steering gearbox should then be inspected closely when a wheel alignment is done or at least once a year to ensure safety.

Steering gear replacement kits are helpful for those who cannot afford the high prices of mechanics, but for those who have no idea what they are doing, it is wise to find someone who does to make sure that it is done properly. An improper replacement is dangerous for you and others on the road and should not be taken lightly. You can find steering gear replacement kits at your local automotive store or online. You may need to order one if you drive a rare model and this can take several days to be delivered. Prices vary for steering gear replacement kits depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Plus, prices differ between power and manual steering. Do not drive your car if you feel it is not safe and consult a professional if you feel you are incapable of doing the job properly yourself.

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