Stereo Wire Harness

What can be a more fun, relaxing and exhilarating afternoon than driving in your car with the windows down and the stereo turned way, way up, singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song while the rest of the world goes flying by? Driving with the windows rolled down and the radio up is a great American pastime and one that would not be possible without two things, of course. A car and a car stereo.

Luckily for those of us who can't get enough of riding with the windows cranked down and the car stereo cranked up, car stereos are generally installed in cars along when they are assembled at the factory. While these car stereos can be perfectly adequate, sometimes drivers or sound connoisseurs prefer a fancier or more advanced car stereo operation, and this is where custom car stereos come into the picture. Customer car stereos often come with more features than factory stereos. Other custom car stereos come equipped with more speakers than factory stereos. No matter what, sound connoisseurs will probably tell you that customer car stereos are the way to go when it comes to purchasing a car stereo.

But is purchasing a custom car stereo to replace your factory installed car stereo cost effective? With the economy the way it is, perhaps we should just be happy with what we have instead of investing in a potentially expensive automobile modification. But perhaps not. Custom car stereos themselves, while not the cheapest purchase you can make for your car, can often be quite cost effective if you are sure to shop around and do your diligent research first. (Use Consumer Reports and web sites devoted to custom car audio.)

Another way you can save money on a custom car radio is to install your new custom car stereo it yourself. To do so, you will need to inspect your car's stereo wire harness. What is the stereo wire harness, you ask? The stereo wire harness is the wiring on a new custom stereo and will, at least in most cases, plug right in to the wiring left behind from when you uninstalled your old car stereo. Of course, you must keep in mind that the stereo wire harness needs to be wired to a new radio plug, but after that has happened, the stereo wire harness should plug right into the wires where your former factory installed radio was previously attached.

Does this sound too complicated? It's perfectly acceptable to allow the experts (preferably at the place where you purchased your new custom car stereo) to install the car radio for you. Just keep in mind that installation at point of purchase will cost quite a bit – often as much as the stereo itself – and you that you can often skip this step by finding tutorials online regarding how to manipulate your stereo wire harnesses in order to install your new custom car stereo.

Also, when deciding to install your own custom car stereo, be sure that the stereo wire harness is connected correctly to the plug from your old radio, otherwise you will experience poor sound quality. What is the use of investing in a fancy expensive car stereo when you could have had better sound quality by simply leaving the factory radio installed?

To get started installing your new custom car stereo, make sure that any mounting brackets that may have been a part of your old car stereo are removed. They are unnecessary for the new installation and may just get in the way. For more on installing a new car stereo, contact your local car audio specialist or perform a web search for "custom car radio installation."

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