StopTech Brakes

Whether you consider yourself to be a serious car enthusiast or you simply like having a car that performs well, you know that brakes are an important part of any car. People who are inexperienced with cars think that the only thing that matters when it comes to performance is what's under a car's hood. However, you're well aware that being able to stop is just as important as being able to go fast. If you want to buy the best brakes available for your car, you need to go with StopTech.

There are plenty of reasons why StopTech brakes are the best choice you can make. However, the most important reason is because StopTech brakes are proven to work. Time after time, using these brakes on some of the most impressive cars in the world have yielded the best results. StopTech brakes achieved the best stopping distance for a Vortech Mustang. They also achieved the same record on a 350Z. Additionally, when a car set a record for the shortest stop from 130 MPH to 0, it was done using StopTech brakes. And the shortest stop for any Viper was also done with this type of brakes. Since these brakes are good enough for the best cars in the world, you can count on them being great for your car as well.

Big Brake kits are one of the most popular products offered by StopTech. The first reason these kits are used on so many cars is because they look great. If you want people to know that your car is all about performance, they will be able to tell when they see one of these kits on your vehicle. Another reason for the popularity of these kits is how well they handle. When you're driving, you want to be in complete control, and that's what you'll get with a Big Brake kit. Additionally, while these kits obviously improve performance, they don't interfere with your vehicle's stock ratio.

When you put a Big Brake kit on your car, you will be able to stop in shorter distances. Being able to stop in a shorter distance can help you avoid a costly wreck. A kit will also provide you with improved modulation. On top of that, your brake pedal will be firmer. When your brake pedal isn't firm, it's easy to feel less confident while you are driving. With this type of kit, you will know that your brake pedal will respond properly as soon as you touch it.

Another benefit of using a StopTech Big Brake kit is that it will provide your brakes with increased airflow. This means better cooling for them, which in turn means they will last longer. In the event that you have to suddenly brake hard, you will have better clamping. The reason that a Big Brake kit can promise so many new benefits for your vehicle is because they have been extensively tested and designed to be the best brakes on the market.

When you purchase a Big Brake kit or any other product from StopTech, you can be confident that you're getting parts made from the best materials available. The calipers produced by StopTech are fully forged. This gives them top notch strength while keeping their weight extremely light. StopTech's rotors are made with a patented design. This design gives them increased durability over products offered by other companies. The hats and brackets that StopTech makes are all created from billet aluminum. What's so impressive about this material is that it's original use was for the US Aerospace industry. With that level of quality, you can count on your brakes performing extremely well.

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