Supercharger Kits

Superchargers are part of the exhaust system that compress air into the cylinders. By injecting more oxygen into the system, the car burns more fuel, becoming more efficient and having more power. There are various types of superchargers, including roots type superchargers, centrifugal superchargers and twin screw superchargers. Superchargers offer drivers the ability of boosting their vehicle without having to make any changes to the engine. Because the air is compressed before it hits the cylinder, the cylinders are netter filled with the dense air, increasing horsepower and torque.

Some of the things you want to think about when purchasing a supercharger kit include warranties and compliance to emission standards. You can either install these kits yourself (in some cases), or you will need to have them installed by a licensed professional, often experts carefully selected by the manufacturer.

The following are a few leading manufacturers of superchargers:
HKS produces supercharger kits that are only available through a select type of retailer. Dealers require special certification to be qualified enough to install the HKS Supercharger Kit. Through high-quality turbo and supercharged systems, these kits offer kits that are OEM-certified without the extensive cost of going through the manufacturer directly. Quiet, efficient and reliable, these devices boast of linear performance because of its torque response traction drive. Fully tested and legal in all 50 states. these kits can enhance your vehicle's performance. In addition, this wholesaler boasts of the supercharger's compact design, and increases of horsepower of up to 18 percent, and an up to 23 percent increase in torque. Unfortunately, there isn't yet a supercharger kit for every car out there, but if you drive a Nissan 350Z. am FX 35 or an Infiniti G35 Coupe, you're in luck. Street-ready, features include a traction oil system and cooler, an intercooler that is front mounter, super flow intake and an engine efficiency management system that is perfectly tailored for your vehicle.

Edelbrock offers supercharger kits for both carburated and fuel injection systems. If you have a small-block Chevy that is carburated or a For Mustang with fuel injection, you should be able to find a supercharger kit from Edelbrock. Their patented system ensures a safe boost in power, Edelbrock offers a one year warranty for their supercharger kits.

Vortech boasts creating their products with age-old turbomachinery practices in mind, relating the fluid treatment to the angular momentum of that fluid. Their centrifugal compressor promises efficient and dependable performance at high pressure and considers itself a leader in aftermarket supercharger kits. Bear in mind, however, that Vortech's supercharger kits do not come with a warranty. However, if you get the system installed by one of their chose installers, you can be eligible for a 3-year or 36,000-mile limited warranty.

Paxton also offers a limited 3-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty. They boast tried and true efficient superchargers that use the best horsepower for the durability of your vehicle. All of their systems are either approved in all 50 states or on the way, and those who like do-it-yourself projects can buy the kit complete with all the necessary hardware in install it themselves. A charge cooler is included in the system, which is credited for providing more horsepower. Meant for racing or off-road, Paxton's supercharger features include quiet operation, advanced technology, all necessary parts included, a high-flow bypass valve, a fuel management system and calibration components, oil feed and drain, high flow air intake, inlet and discharge connections, OEM metals, factory compatibility, and certifications under OEM standards. These supercharger kits also offer easy installation, and trained personnel.

Other reputable supercharger kit manufacturers include ProCharger and Whipple.

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