Automotive Bearing

Release Bearing

The basic definition of a release bearing is a ball bearing and collar assembly. As well as being called a release bearing, it is also sometimes known as a throw out bearing. The purpose of a release bearing is to reduce any friction between the presser plate levers, and the release fork. The sealed unit […]

Sprag Clutch

Before we come to “Sprag Clutch” it is necessary to know about a “clutch”. So what is a Clutch? A clutch is a mechanical device that commands the power transfer amid the components of a machine by causing two rotary shafts to engage and disengage (brings into and out of gear). Clutches are available in […]

Hub Unit Bearing

Installing new hub unit bearings is actually a relatively easy process to execute if you follow the instructions carefully. However, if you feel unconfident, or uncomfortable at the thought of changing hub unit bearings yourself, then it is best to take your car to a certified mechanic who will do this for you. This will […]

Heim Joint

Heim joints, more commonly known as rod end or rose joint bearings, are automatic joints that are specifically used in vehicles which are need of a mechanism that can bridge communication and functionality between certain mechanical contraptions, such as the steering gear. Heim joints are constructed so that they can replace a precision rotating joint. […]

Throw Out Bearing

The throw out bearing is the integral part of the clutch. In essence, the throw out bearing is the part of the clutch that allows the gears of the car to shift. When you press on the clutch pedal, it sets off a chain reaction that puts the throw out bearing in play. The throw […]

Adjustable Ball Joints

Ball joints are designed to join the steering knuckles to the control arms, and it is covered by a protective steel casing that is specifically intended to make sure that the dirt and grime that contaminate your vehicle's underbody does not work its way into the ball joint and cause unnecessary damage. The difference between […]

Wheel Hub Bearing

When's the last time you bought a trailer and tried to drag it behind your car without any wheels? I certainly hope your answer was "never." When it comes to trailers, wheels, and thus wheel hub bearings, are an extremely important part of the package when it comes to hauling. Luckily, it's doubtful you will […]

Rear Axle Bearing Replacement

Replacing the rear axle bearing in your vehicle can be timely and expensive if you have it done in the shop, but did you know that you don't need to have it done by a professional? You may be able to replace the rear axle bearing on your own. If you have worked on cars […]