Automotive Gauge

Glow Gauge

A glow gauge is basically a template or face that fits down over your vehicle’s original gauge face. The glow gauge replaces the lighting scheme that is currently in your vehicle. Basic factory lighting schemes are typically red and blue colors glowing from the needs and numbers. A glow gauge allows you to put different […]

Gauge Pods

Gauge pods are interfaces in which gauges can be installed within a vehicle to provide detailed data about every aspect of the vehicle’s engine, drivetrain, and transmission performance. A vehicle's gauges display everything from the amount of oil pressure and gasoline to air-to-fuel ratios and turbo boost levels. From a terminology standpoint, gauge pods are […]

Pinion Depth Gauge

There are two parts of the car that are referred to as pinions in a car. The first is in the steering system. When referring to the pinion in the steering system, the pinion is part of a rack and pinion system that is essentially responsible for turning your tires. When you turn the steering […]

Fuel Pressure Gauges

A fuel pressure gauge is a handy tool to have around when working on vehicles. This tool can help you maintain a properly working vehicle and give you accurate information regarding your vehicles fuel pressure. The fuel pressure in a vehicle is necessary to monitor to make sure your vehicle is running the best it […]

Autometer Boost Gauge

For cars that have been turbocharged, an autometer boost gauge is a great addition to add to your vehicle in order to relay important information regarding the amount of boost pressure that the car has. An excessive amount of boost pressure can cause serious damage to the engine so the driver of the vehicle must […]

Fuel Pressure Gauge Isolator

A fuel pressure gauge isolator is used with mechanical fuel pressure gauges. It helps to safely isolate the fuel source from the interior of the cab. This makes certain that no fuel, no matter what type of fuel, can enter the cab even if a gauge or the tubing were to fail completely. This protects […]

Digital Gauge Cluster

The digital gauge cluster refers to a digital dashboard which includes a variety of gauges that provide information on how your vehicle is performing. Not all vehicles are designed with digital gauge clusters, but it's definitely an option. There are some advantages to investing in a digital gauge cluster, but there are also some disadvantages […]

Vacuum Gauge

While it's already obvious, the engine is practically just a large air pump. Once combined with heat and pressure, the air your engine intakes will get sent out as exhaust. While it's a rather complicated process, you basically need to understand that the engine works as an air pump to get a good idea of […]

Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel pressure gauge is an important element in your vehicle. There are ready to install fuel pressure gauge that you can find in the market. Or if you are a DIY person, you can do one yourself. Here are the steps on how to install fuel pressure gauge. 1. To install the fuel pressure gauge […]

Digital Tire Gauge

There are many must have tools that you should keep in the automobile tool box, and a digital tire gauge is one that you should make sure that you have. The digital tire gauge is an easy to use and read device that will tell you the amount of pressure that is in your tires. […]

Oil Pressure Gauge

An oil pressure gauge is an important part of your vehicle, and it works to make sure that the oil is kept at the appropriate temperature and that it is circulating through the engine in the way that it should. If you have a problem with the oil pressure gauge then you will definitely want […]

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

How often do you put air in your tires and actually use a tire pressure gauge to ensure that your tires are inflated properly. Most of us just sort of "eye it" and we fill the tire until it looks like the others. In theory this is an acceptable way to pump your tires up […]

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

An air/fuel ratio gauge is exactly what it sounds like; a gauge that montiors the ratio of fuel to air in an engine. Other names for an air/fuel ratio gauge include air/fuel ratio meter, air/fuel guage, and air/fuel meter. Even though there are several names for this vehicle part, they are all responsible for the […]