Shock Absorber Bushings

All vehicles will undoubtedly experience some level of turbulence during their lifetime, which is why automobile manufacturers include shocks, suspension systems, wheels with exceptional traction, and other mechanical precautions that limit the amount of wear and tear incurred over time. One such component that is designed to absorb pressure and energy is a shock absorber, […]

Polyurethane Bushings

If someone wants to know more about bushings, the easiest way to help them understand what bushings are is to use the analogy of the joints in our bodies. In order for our joints to function properly, they need to provide enough cushioning between our bones. In the case of our joints, the thing that […]

Car Bushings

Car maintenance can be daunting. There are a number of small parts which serve an important purpose and have to be checked, repaired and replaced regularly in order for the car to last. Car owners need to have a good working knowledge of what these parts are and how they work, so that when something […]

Rear Axle Bushes

The rear axle refers to the drive axle which connects the rear wheels with a central differential, which is used to create proper distribution between both axle sides. Some rear axles connect with a crossbeam which just works to support the rear end of your vehicle, but this is only necessary for vehicles with front […]

Shifter Bushing

When you drive a manual transmission vehicle you are responsible for shifting the gears to get it to move forward at the proper speed. Over time shifting gears can cause the gear shifter to become loose. When you first purchase a manual transmission vehicle you will notice that the gears are nice and tight and […]

Bushing Driver Set

Whether you are a mechanic or work on cars as a hobby you know that having the right tools is essential in getting the job done right. Working on cars can require many different tools and equipment so it is necessary to be prepared before you start any car project. There is nothing worse than […]

Suspension Bushings

No one wants to be driving down the street while hearing pops and creaks when you are turning corners or coming to a stop. If you are hearing strange noises like this, your car's suspension may be bad or a suspension bushing needs replacement. Your suspension is vitally important to the performance of your car. […]

Sway Bar Bushing

The sway bar bushing in your vehicle will wear down over time and will affect the control that you have over the steering of your vehicle. The most noticeable symptom of a worn sway bar bushing is the loud clunking sound that you will hear in the front of your vehicle. The bushings are attached […]

Throttle Bushing

If you are like most people who use a vehicle on a regular basis, then your automobile is probably full of parts that you have never heard of before. This, however, does not mean that any one of these parts could end up going bad and causing you a lot of problems. For example, if […]

Control Arm Bushing

Most people have never heard of a control arm bushing, but when the control arm bushing has gone bad or needs to be replaced on your vehicle chances are you will know it and suddenly you will become very familiar with the name as well as the purpose of the part. It's important to differentiate […]