Car Air Filter

Reusable Air Filters

Going green is a funny trend, and one that is politicized far too often. It’s also a trend that has caught on pretty well in the car market. That’s because cars use up an incredible share of our income, and using energy efficiently is a great way to limit some of the damage that cars […]

K&N Air Filters

The makers of K&N air filters are giants in their field of work. They promise significant and bona fide horsepower improvements on the make and models of the vehicles they equip, and if they can't promise a better boost, they won't even sell the product. Manufactures of air intake filters for more than 30 years, […]

Cabin Air Filter

In most vehicles, the air intake for the ventilation system is located in the engine bay. This allows dirt, dust and other material from the road surface to be sucked into the intake. To prevent these contaminants from entering the cabin, most modern vehicles are fitted with a cabin air filter. This is different to […]