Car Axle

Axle Seals

A worn out or broken axle seal will need to be replaced immediately. To identify damage to the axle seal you will just have to look at where your vehicle was parked each day. A damaged axle seal will cause a minor oil leak which will accumulate more and more every single day. The oil […]

Custom Axle Shafts

In order to understand why you might need a custom axle shaft, it’s important to know exactly what axle shafts are and what they do. The axle shaft is a key component in a number of vehicle functions, all of which involve the wheel system. Axle shafts in general are the base that gears can […]

Aluminum Differential Cover

When it comes to our cars we need to protect all the important parts to avoid them from being damaged from everyday road hazards and general wear and tear. By providing the appropriate protection we can rest assure we are doing everything we can to keep our cars in good working order. This applies to […]


Any time you are speaking of the transaxle in the automotive field, you are talking about a major mechanical part that affects how the transmission, the differential and the axle are integrated together. Transaxles are in cars that have the engine and drive wheels at the same end of the car. For instance, front engines […]

Rear Axle Seals

The rear axle seals are large rings that stop the oil inside the rear axle housing from leaking out. There is one seal for each rear wheel, located just in front of the axle bearing. The seals are long lasting but they can fail if worn bearings allow the shafts to deform them. Another cause […]