Car Battery

12 Volt Car Batteries

A 12 volt car battery is an electrical storage device. It does not make electricity; it stores it for future use. Certain chemicals in the battery change the electrical energy so that it is released to power up your lights, radio, windshield wipers, etc. A12 V car battery is also necessary for your car's ignition […]

Electric Car Battery

Over the last decade, electric cars have gone from a minor roadway occurrence into a full-blown automotive revolution. Cars that were once considered impossibilities of science have strutted on the road, showing off their abilities and demonstrating that electric vehicles are a lucrative option for carbon-free driving. From hybrid models to entirely electric cars, gasoline […]

AGM Batteries

If you need a battery for something large like a vehicle, the amount of options available can make choosing the right one a challenging task. Although you want to be informed about what battery will perform best, it seems like the more you read about different types of batteries, the more confusing your decision becomes. […]

Vehicle Battery Booster

Getting a boost from someone on a regular basis may become a hassle. Instead of having to worry about who can provide you with a battery boost, why not just invest in a vehicle battery booster? This also removes the need to carry around large boosting cables in most circumstances. There are many different battery […]

ATV Batteries

There are two major kinds of ATV batteries. The first, although the least popular today, is the lead-acid battery. In essence, this is exactly the same kind of battery as is used in cars, except slightly less powerful. But in all other ways, the lead acid ATV battery is the same, and you can even […]

Car Battery Jumper

There is nothing more frustrating than going out to start your car and realizing your car battery is dead. This can cause you a lot of stress especially if you are in a hurry or need to get somewhere important. Although car batteries are made to last a long time, sometimes our batteries either get […]

Interstate Car Batteries

Having a reliable car battery is crucial when you depend on your vehicle to get you everywhere you need to go. There are many different brands of car batteries to pick from when you replace the battery in your car but that does not always mean they are the same. There are just some brands […]

Digital Voltmeters

Everybody who has spent their adult life driving knows the anguish a dead car battery can cause. In the worst case scenario, you get stuck in some place where a car’s cables can’t reach you, there’s nobody around, or you don’t have jumper cables. In that case you might have to spend a lot of […]

Lead Acid Battery

Unless you have a hybrid vehicle, you have a lead acid battery in your car. A lead acid battery provides the energy that your car needs to start, as well as any energy that is used when the car is off. Lead acid batteries use a combustible chemical reaction involving lead plates, sulfuric acid and […]

High Capacity AGM Battery

There are several different types of battery available that use different methods of powering a vehicle. One of the most important types of batteries used in electric vehicles are absorbed glass mat batteries. These batteries are specially designed to charge and discharge rapidly so when they are used by electric vehicles, they do not have […]

Dual Battery Systems

Almost any vehicle can be modified to have a dual battery system which composes of the vehicle's battery which is used to run the vehicle and another larger, deep cycle battery for extended use with appliances and other needs. These setups are not difficult to implement and there are many kits and procedures that can […]

Battery Load Tester

Everybody who drives has had the experience of a dead battery. If we're lucky, it happens in a parking lot, driveway, or just somewhere easy to get somebody to help you jumpstart it. If we're unlucky, it can be in a place completely inaccessible to any other cars, and we end up stuck in place, […]

Digital Multimeter

In any auto shop or garage, you can count on finding a digital multimeter. This a helpful tool that shouldn't just be found at mechanic shops though, but rather even at home as there are many uses for it. Many may already be familiar with digital multimeters as they're used frequently in homes to measure […]

Truck Battery

Your truck battery will eventually need to be replaced. Your truck battery won't just stop working without notice though unless there is an electrical shortage for the sensor light. If all the electrical components are working properly then the battery light should be working as well. When your truck battery is about to die you […]

Battery Jump Starter

When you're out in your car, the last thing that you need to happen is an unwelcome break down. Whether you're in the middle of the city or the side of the freeway, having your car break down and refuse to start is one of the least pleasant experiences that any driver can have. Here […]

Battery Voltage Monitor

Battery failure is the most common reason for emergency call outs to roadside breakdowns. It is an inconvenient and expensive problem but it need not happen with a battery voltage monitor installed. These devices provide an accurate indication of the charge level, and some can even predict when a battery will fail. There are even […]

Battery Tender

Have you recently heard of a battery tender and you would like to buy one? A battery tender is actually a nifty device to have on hand. A battery tender is a unit that can plug into an AC outlet and will transfer amps of power to your 12 volt battery. People use battery tenders […]