Car Care Products

Car Wax

Let’s begin with what car wax is, and what it isn’t. Car wax is wax that you apply to the exterior of your car to protect the car’s paint, and color against both debris and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Most often, car wax is usually comprised of carnauba wax that is mixed with other proprietary […]

Detailing Wax

Automobile detailing involves thoroughly cleaning, polishing and waxing a vehicle inside and out. This is done to prepare an automobile for a show or simply for those who prefer their cars to be especially clean. Detailing wax is used to make the exterior of automobiles shine and helps to protect the vehicle against things such […]

Car Buffer

As much as it can be a labor of love, washing and waxing your car can be a pain. No matter how much you love your car, there are going to be long periods of time where you don’t feel like catering to its every blemish. In that case you could pay somebody to do […]

Urethane Body Kits

If you take pride in your car (and its appearance), there's a very good chance you've at least considered buying a body kit for yours. For those not in the know, body kits are a set of items that modify the outer appearance of your car. Virtually everybody gets body kits just for appearance purposes, […]

Touch Up Paint

There are some people who aren't concerned about how their vehicle looks. They have no problem driving around in their vehicle, even if it hasn't been washed for weeks. If they run into something and dent the body of their vehicle, they simply look at it and then forget about it. To them, it would […]

Car Care Kits

If you are like a lot of people, your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. You want to do everything you can to protect it from harsh elements as you go about your daily traveling, both near and far. You need to make sure you check your motor oil, transmission oil, tire pressure, windshield […]

Antifreeze/Water Remover

In cold weather, your vehicle can face a number of problems when it comes to starting properly. One of the problems that can occur is water build up in your fuel lines which will cause the lines to freeze and prevent the engine from starting properly. An antifreeze/water remover product will help you to dry […]

Diesel Fuel Additives

There are a variety of reasons for using diesel fuel additives as well as a number of different types of these. Some of the additives that are on the market are designed to prevent the corrosion from impurities that are the output from diesel engines. Others are used to help prevent the fuel from becoming […]