Car Cooling System

Intercooler Cores

You will be able to find intercoolers in several different manufacturing styles—either in tube form or stacked plate. Choosing a core design means that you will get much more efficiency as well as a sturdier overall design so they will last longer. A tube design usually means that you will not have nearly as much […]

Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is found under the hood of your vehicle and is used to retain the coolant that is forced out of your radiator by pressure caused from running your car’s engine. A vehicle’s temperature rises as the engine runs. When that pressure builds to a specific point, the radiator cap will force the […]

Car Engine Coolant

Car engine coolant is essential for the proper operation of every internal combustion engine. Hundreds of small explosions are created every second inside the cylinders as the spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture. The tremendous amount of heat generated needs to be removed to protect the other engine parts from being damaged by […]

Auxiliary Fan Assembly

The auxiliary fan in your car or truck serves two distinctive purposes. First, it forces air through the radiator and will turn itself on when the coolant’s temperature rises above a specific level. When it first comes on, the auxiliary fan will operate at a very slow speed. As the engine heats, the speed of […]

Coolant Reservoir

The coolant reservoir is an area in our vehicles that contains the antifreeze and water solution that our engine needs to run properly. Without the coolant our vehicles would not be able to run under extreme weather conditions. The coolant keeps the engine working in both cold and hot climates. The fluid can be referred […]

Transmission Cooler

Transportation has been an issue since the beginning time. People needed to go places, either for work or simple going around for fun. It started off with walking, then moved on to using animals to pull a cart or themselves. Till it came to the modern time and the usage of motor vehicles have increased […]

Turbo Intercooler

One option to obtaining reliable increased horsepower to your engine is that of installing a turbocharger. This is a gas driven exhaust turbine that many people put on their vehicle engines nowadays. It compresses air and increases it density to the engine. The denser air you have flowing through the engine, the more fuel atoms […]

Cooling Fan Clutch

A cooling fan clutch is an integral part of any vehicle that uses a combustion engine. The purpose of the cooling fan clutch is simply to signal more ambient air into the radiator area to lower to temperature to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. One of the issues that may occur in any […]

Oil Cooler Adapter

Many vehicles can benefit from using an oil cooler adaptor because it allows the oil to be cooled and filtered between the point of the oil filter and engine block. This is a very important thing to utilize especially if the vehicle is in heavy use and oil temperatures will go up to levels which […]

Car Water Pump

Your car water pump is an important part of your car that works to keep your car from overheating. How? The car water pump, which is powered by a belt, moves water out of the radiator and into your car's engine, which ultimately keeps the temperature lower in your engine. These car water pumps are […]

Universal Hood Scoop

Universal hood scoops are useful for various reasons. Not only are they a great decorative option (some are just for decorative purposes), but several of the designs are made to help increase the amount of air flow to the engine and surrounding vehicle hardware. It is an efficient way to help cool down the vehicle […]

Front Mount Intercooler

A front mount intercooler cools the air that is heated up when it is compressed by a turbo charger. It operates a lot like the radiator in your car. The difference is that a radiator cools the coolant or liquid as it passes through the radiator. Whereas a front mount intercooler cools air intake. You […]

Infrared Thermometer

Many mechanics have found that an infrared thermometer is a great tool to detect problems in the cooling system and other areas where temperature is a major contributor to the problem. If you are looking for a new tool to add to your collection and are interested in diagnosing your own engine problems, you should […]

Automobile Radiator

If you are like most of the car buying public, then you probably do not worry too much about what goes on under the hood of your car until something goes wrong. However, there are a few things that good car owners should know to keep a watchful eye on their automobile radiator to help […]

Auto Air Conditioner

If you own a slightly older vehicle, chances are that you have had problems with your auto air conditioner at some point. While many times we take these repairs to a certified mechanic, the truth is that usually we can complete these repairs ourselves. The mechanics of the auto air conditioner are not that difficult […]

Car Air Conditioner Compressor

If you have a vehicle and you live in a climate where you need an air conditioner as you go down the road, you will be counting on, in large part, the air conditioning compressor to do its job. The air conditioning compressor is often referred to as the heart of the air conditioning system […]

Engine Cooling System

All of the parts if your car or truck work together to make sure the engine can start and the car can run properly. Most cars have gasoline-powered engines, yet gasoline is not very efficient in terms of turning energy into power to make the engine run. Because gasoline is fairly inefficient, much of its […]

How to Flush a Car’s Radiator

Your car's cooling system serves a very important purpose in keeping your vehicle running safely. Because an engine creates a lot of heat, cars needed cooling systems to keep the engines from overheating and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. One important part of the cooling system is your car's radiator. The radiator […]