Car Emission Control

Carbon Canister

A carbon canister is designed to decrease the pollution that is typically produced by vehicles. Carbon canisters work to decrease air pollution from cars and trucks while increasing the fuel efficiency of these vehicles. When the engine of a vehicle is turned off, the engine still produces hydrocarbons from the vapors rising in the vehicle’s […]

Air Injection Pipe

A car or truck’s air injection system is specifically designed to produce cleaner air emissions. Exhaust gas from a vehicle is very hot when it leaves the combustion chamber. By introducing air or oxygen into the exhaust system as the gases leave the chambers, the fuels continue to burn as they leave the system. This […]

Fuel Vapor Canister

Traditionally, the storage systems and the vapor recovery of an automotive vehicle comprise a vapor canister which is remotely mounted, and is operatively connected via distinct valves and lines within the fuel tank. Generally, vapor canisters come in the shape of a small box and usually have a number of spots for hoses in the […]

Smog Pump

All vehicles emit a certain amount of emissions. These emissions are pollutants to our environment therefore our vehicles have been upgraded over the years and equipped with special features and car parts that help lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that leave our car and enter into the air. One of the parts that help […]

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter has significantly reduced pollution from vehicles since it was introduced more than thirty years ago, but what is really impressive is that it costs nothing to run and does not wear out. Engine exhaust gases are converted into less harmful gases inside the converter as they pass over a honeycomb coated with […]

Emissions Analyzer

Many places require that your vehicle pass an emission check to be able to be driven on the road. Having your own emissions analyzer can help you to determine if your vehicle will pass and the specific type of emission that your car is producing. This can also help you determine if the pollution control […]

Automobile Emission Control

Automobile emission control systems are the systems that reduce vehicle emissions that cause air pollution. When the automobile was first invented, there were no automobile emission control regulations. However, increasing concerns about the environment prompted lawmakers to develop emissions regulations for personal and commercial vehicles. These systems can reduce a number of emissions and help […]