Car Heaters

Block Heater

Most vehicles include engines that already have a block heater installed. If this is not the case, the block heater is essentially the alternative of the freeze plug which is found in most engines. The main responsibility of the freeze plug is to drain antifreeze from the engine block. This is done to prevent the […]

12 Volt Electric Car Heater

Winter months bring many cold days and nights for those that are outdoors or on the road. With constant temperatures reaching below freezing you may find that your car's heater is just not working at its best. This could be because temperatures are just too low or because your heater has become faulty, but either […]

Ceramic Auto Heater

People who live in cold climates sometimes find that they need an auxiliary heating device to warm up their car and to help keep their windows and windshields clear in the winter months. A ceramic auto heater can fill the need for extra heating for your car. You no longer have to sit in a […]

Seat Heater Kit

If you live in one of the colder regions of the world, a heated seat in an automobile during the cold winter months can be a luxury you would not live without. In fact, you will most commonly find seat heaters installed in cars that are driven in colder climates as opposed to those driven […]

Car Thermostat

Your car thermostat is responsible not just for setting the temperature of your vehicle, but for maintaining and generating that temperature. Generally, it's connected to your car's heating system, which can range from a full air conditioning system to a simple fan heater depending on the age and technological level of your car. There are […]

Auto Heater Core

Whenever you are dealing with a problem with your heater, you are most likely dealing with a problem that is found in your auto heater core. This is because your heater relies on the way that the engine is cooled. You automobile works to cool itself by using coolant in the radiator to collect heat […]