Car Mirror

Car Mirror Glass

Few drivers realize that they do not have to replace an entire mirror assembly should the glass shatter, break, or fall out of the various mirrors in their automobile. Instead, for a fraction of the cost of the full assembly, drivers can purchase the mirror glass separately and replace the glass themselves, saving hundreds of […]

Chrome Mirror Covers

There are many car and truck accessories on the market that not only enhance the look of the vehicle, but can also provide extra protection. Products that protect the vehicle from possible damages down the road add a significant amount of value to the vehicle. A wide range of materials are used to protect certain […]

Driver Side Mirror

Although it may be cliché, the old saying "keep your eyes on the road" is still a very valid phrase. However, it is just as important to be aware of what is behind your vehicle as it is to keep an eye on the road ahead. Every year thousands of automobile accidents occur in which […]

Side Mirror

Everybody who’s ever driven a car knows how useful a side mirror is. And if you’ve ever driven a bigger vehicle, like a moving truck or van, you know that they can literally be lifesavers. They’re mandated by laws in many countries to be included on vehicles, but even if that wasn’t the case, they’d […]

Car Mirrors

There are many different mirrors on the modern automobile that serve many different purposes. For the sake of simplicity, we'll discuss in length the three main mirrors—the passenger side mirror, drivers' side mirror, and rear view mirror—as well as the details to buying, replacing, and finding the proper type of mirror. It is important to […]

Auto Dimming Mirrors

One of the most annoying things that can happen while driving is to have somebody’s headlights glaring in your eyes while you’re trying to drive at night. It’s bad enough when its regular headlights you’re looking at, but when it’s high beams? That can go from being a nuisance to being actually dangerous, and fast. […]

Wide Angle Mirrors

We’re all used to using regular mirrors and having to look over our shoulder to see through blind spots, but sometimes that doesn’t cover it all. Usually, this happens in big vehicles, where either the blind spot is too big, or there is something blocking your view. In this case, wide angle mirrors are great […]

Towing Mirrors

Many people are driving large vehicles such as a full size vans and trucks, semi-trucks, RV's, campers or moving trucks each day. Unfortunately, there are just some vehicles that are too big that the driver cannot see the road properly. Not only can this make changing lanes difficult but also reversing or parking the vehicle. […]

Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror allows a driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and objects. It is one of the most important safety devices in the vehicle. For this reason, a flat mirror must be used because a convex mirror would give a false impression of the true distance. In fact, it is […]

Rear View Camera

There are a variety of reasons that you could use a rear view camera in your vehicle. The most obvious would be to create a record in the event that your vehicle is hit from behind. The camera will catch the accident in the way that it actually happened and you will not have to […]

Wide Angle Mirror

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive or where you drive, you may benefit from the installation of a wide angle mirror. A wide angle mirror can help give you the vision field that you need to safely maneuver when backing up, when driving in tight spaces, parking, or even when you are pulling […]

Car Side View Mirrors

Car safety features are put in place by auto manufacturers to make traveling by car or truck as safe as possible. Safety features range from anti-theft devices to anti-lock brake systems to side airbags in motor vehicles. All of these features can help you to avoid accidents, minimize injuries in the event that an accident […]

Bluetooth Car Mirror

If you're a technology buff, you probably love having all of the latest gadgets and being able to use them to make your life more efficient and convenient. You probably have the latest cell phone/personal digital assistant combination, a sophisticated home entertainment system, and an excellent audio system in your car. If so, you'll be […]