Car Rims

Aluminum Truck Rims

Question: what’s prettier than a sweet, customized pickup rolling down the highway with rims so bright and shiny they’re practically blinding? Answer: nothing! So you’ve already decided that you want those shiny rims on your pickup. Awesome; but do you go with steel or aluminum? What are the drawbacks and advantages of each? Aluminum Rims […]

Chrome Reverse Rims

If you want to really turn heads with your vehicle, you should consider purchasing chrome reverse rims. Also known as "Hot Rod wheels" or "Nostalgia wheels," chrome reverse wheels are a great way to give your ride a classic look that is going to quickly attract people's attention. So, what makes chrome reverse rims so […]

Toyota Rims

The vehicles made by Toyota are loved by countless people across the globe. Although the company has recently hit some speed bumps in the production of its vehicles, Toyota is more committed than ever to producing cars that people love and will keep them safe while they drive. One of the reasons that so many […]

Truck Rims

Truck rims are responsible for keeping your tires mounted and attached to the axle. When shopping for truck rims it will be important to choose the right size of rims but there are many other characteristics to look at. Many people invest in truck rims for their visual appeal and if you plan on doing […]

Ford Truck Rims

Wheel rims are an important part of any car when it comes to protecting wheels. This is especially important if you drive through rough terrain, as it will protect the wheels from any debris. Not only are rims an important part of protecting your Ford truck wheels, but they have now become something to customize […]

Honda Accord Rims

There are many ways to customize your car to make it look stylish and fit your personality. No matter which type of vehicle you own you may choose to alter the exterior. One of the best ways to enhance the outside appearance of your car is to add new rims to the tires. Honda Accords […]

Off-road Truck Rims

If you are an off-roader, you probably understand how imperative your wheels are. Choosing a set of wheels based solely on its appearance and glamour may be enticing, but conducting some research as to where (the terrain) you may be off-roading can release that superior performance that your vehicle has been hiding. Off-roading wheels need […]

BMW Rims

A stylish car, such as the BMW, will need stylish rims. As flashy as a BMW may be, it’s nothing without a highly desired set of rims. The wheels that come with a new BMW are definitely high quality, but they’re likely not the particular style you really want your dream car to have. Therefore, […]

Tuner Rims

Imported economy cars are now being referred to as tuner cars in a lot of areas in America. Because they are so light weight and can be purchased at relatively lower cost than an American dedicated sports car, more and more people are buying them and customizing their looks. When individuals want to customize these […]

Black Racing Rims

In recent years, many people have taken to customizing and upgrading their automobiles. Many people say that they participate in this trend as a way to make their car more like an extension of themselves. This goes along with the old American saying that “the car makes the man,” which itself stemmed from an even […]

Racing Rims

Racing rims are an automotive product that attract a great deal of attention both in and out of actual racing circles. With the massive amount of car enthusiasts valuing racing rims more for their aesthetic capabilities than their performance factor, a new market has been born, made up of rims that are focused more on […]

Honda Rims

If you own a Honda Accord, Insight, Honda Odyssey, Civic Wagon or a Honda Passport and it is time to upgrade your wheels, you should not settle for anything less than Honda rims. There is a new generation of low cost Honda rims on the market that look fantastic on your car and helps your […]

17 inch Rims

For those who want the right look for their automobile, it's all about the rims, and the 17 inch rims are emerging in popularity. Although not yet on the mainstream, many dealers out there deal in 17 inch rims. An important thing to consider it the outset, and making sure the tire fits properly over […]

Chrome Rims

If you look around as you go down the road you will notice that that the most popular type of car rims are definitely chrome rims. There are people of all ages, with all different vehicle types, tire sizes, and more that like chrome rims. Each person has a different reason for choosing chrome, but […]

How to Select Custom Car Wheel Rims

When you want to change the way your car looks you may want to change your car wheel rims. Just this seemingly small change can change the whole appearance of your vehicle. In some instances replacing the car wheel rims isn't all cosmetic. If your rims are bent you will want to replace them as […]