Car Safety Equipment

Backup Camera System

Backup camera systems were first developed to solve the problem that large tucks and passenger busses had when they had to back up on public streets. The drivers of these types of vehicles that had backup camera systems installed are now able to back up a lot easier because they can see behind them. Because […]

Neutral Safety Switch

Automatic transmission systems need a large amount of safeguards to ensure that the safety of the vehicle is possible. One of these safety devices is known as the neutral safety switch which plays a big factor in how the vehicle starts. The device is for controlling when the vehicle can be started and whether or […]

Car Safety Belt

The car safety belt is one of the most effective life saving devices ever invented. This simple arrangement of fabric straps and buckles saves thousands of lives every day around the world. It also saves many more people from serious injury by stopping them from hitting part of the car during an accident. The car […]

Emergency Escape Hammer

It is important that you have everything in your vehicle that you might need in the event of an emergency situation. An emergency hammer is recommended in areas that have a large amount of water. If you live in a town with a great many lakes and ponds, having a hammer in your car to […]

Rear View Camera

There are a variety of reasons that you could use a rear view camera in your vehicle. The most obvious would be to create a record in the event that your vehicle is hit from behind. The camera will catch the accident in the way that it actually happened and you will not have to […]

Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock is a popular and inexpensive device used for protecting a car against theft. They are mostly a visual deterrent and do not provide the same level of protection as a car alarm or immobilizer. The idea behind them is that thieves are opportunists who will target another vehicle if they encounter […]

Rear Bumper

Even though we all try our best to be good drivers, the chances that we will be in an accident are fairly large. This is because as good drivers as we are as an individual, does not stand up to the large amounts of people on the road who are not good drivers. So while […]

Bumper Absorber

Many people are surprised to learn when they get into an accident that there is more to your bumper than meets the eye. If you get in a minor fender bender and there is not any substantial damage to your car, chances are you can thank your bumper absorber. Say what? Yes, your bumper absorber! […]

Safety Seat Belt

When it comes to basic safety equipment in a car, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety seatbelt. Your safety belt can restrain you during crashes to keep you from being ejected from your vehicle or from moving forward at a high velocity and injuring yourself. Many states have passed safety belt […]

Truck Bumper

Your truck bumper serves an important purpose and also contributes to the overall appearance of your vehicle. If your truck bumper has been damaged in an accident, or if you want to customize your vehicle with a new truck bumper, it's important to know what to look for when making a purchase. Understanding the function […]

Infant Car Seat

One of the most important purchases you will make when preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an infant car seat. Your infant car seat will be charged with protecting your child, so it should be a purchase that should be carefully researched and thought about before a final decision is made. There […]