Clutch Slave Cylinder

Whenever you drive a vehicle that is not an automatic it will have a manual shift transmission. In order to shift the gears there must be a hydraulic clutch system installed in the vehicle. The hydraulic clutch system must have a clutch slave cylinder. The clutch slave cylinder operates by a rod that pushes out […]

Clutch Interlock Switch

A clutch interlock switch is a veritable safety creation that prevents you from starting your manual transmission vehicle without the clutch properly pressed. The switch is typically located underneath the dashboard and is very similar in design and appearance to a brake light switch. It is typically found in the area where the clutch pedal […]

Pressure Plates

All manual transmissions need a clutch system in order to shift gears. Most of the cars and trucks on the streets today have a manual transmission will have a pressure plate in the clutch assembly. The pressure plate is necessary component in the clutch system on vehicles. There are three kinds of pressure plates. A […]

Overrunning Clutch

The overrunning clutch is also commonly known as the freewheel. It is a component in the transmission of a vehicle which is responsible for deactivating the drive shaft in certain situations. The drive shaft is usually deactivates and stops working with the driven shaft when it reaches a faster rotation speed than the drive shafts' […]

Clutch Pedal Pad

Clutches are normally one of the driving elements in a manually driven automobile, which are susceptible to a high amount of stress due to constant engagement. Since it always needs to be referred, every time a gear has to be changed or the ignition of the car being charged - the clutches makes up the […]

Heavy Duty Clutch

Anyone driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will need to know the important of the clutch. Even a few people that drive vehicles with automatic transmissions will have clutches and need this information. As well, clutches are found in many other devices such as cordless drills, chainsaws, and mini bikes. What is a Clutch? […]

Banshee Clutch

The Yamaha Banshee is a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle or ATV for short. It is very popular and not only fast and fun, but is also very cool-looking and reliable. Many avid outdoor recreational fans love ATVs. These fun vehicles also can be classified as Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) or Off Road Vehicles […]

Sprag Clutch

Before we come to “Sprag Clutch” it is necessary to know about a “clutch”. So what is a Clutch? A clutch is a mechanical device that commands the power transfer amid the components of a machine by causing two rotary shafts to engage and disengage (brings into and out of gear). Clutches are available in […]

Torque Converter Clutch

There are so many different car parts involved in keeping our vehicle working. The design of a vehicle is quite complex and many people are not familiar with how each car part works. Honestly, you could drive a vehicle for years before something goes wrong and then once something breaks down you are forced to […]

Throw Out Bearing

The throw out bearing is the integral part of the clutch. In essence, the throw out bearing is the part of the clutch that allows the gears of the car to shift. When you press on the clutch pedal, it sets off a chain reaction that puts the throw out bearing in play. The throw […]

Cooling Fan Clutch

A cooling fan clutch is an integral part of any vehicle that uses a combustion engine. The purpose of the cooling fan clutch is simply to signal more ambient air into the radiator area to lower to temperature to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. One of the issues that may occur in any […]

Clutch Cable

Any vehicle with a manual transmission will use clutches, and even vehicles with automatic transmission have clutches. Most people think that there is only one clutch in your vehicle, but this is not true. There are actually multiple clutches and they play a major role in your vehicle operating properly. Just like with many other […]

Automatic Transmission Clutch

Many people choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission because they are much simpler to drive. The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated pieces of engineering in your vehicle and it essentially performs all of the work that you would have to do on your own with a manual transmission. This highly technical […]

Clutch Master Cylinder

A clutch master cylinder is actually a container that holds fluid and controls the pressure that is applied to the clutch when a driver steps on the clutch pedal to shift gears. As the clutch master cylinder takes in the pressure from the clutch pedal being compressed by the driver's foot, the slave cylinder boosts […]

Centerforce Clutch

With nine patents under their wing, Centerforce has a reputation for their clutches to be high-tech and fancy. While some think they are overrated, other think they are definitely worth all of the hype. The Centerforce clutches have been around for more than 25 years. The company credits its longstanding history of solid products to […]

Performance Clutch Kits

Improving the performance of a car is not just a matter of upgrading the engine and wheels. Other components also need to be upgraded if they are to handle the new conditions. This especially applies to the stock brakes and clutch which suffer more from overheating and excessive wearing. A performance clutch kit, often called […]

Ford Clutch Kit

When you have to replace the clutch on your Ford vehicle, you will need a Ford clutch kit. The clutch on your vehicle is an important part of the vehicle's function and it will not run properly without it. You should do also some looking around to ensure that you are getting the best possible […]

Clutch Disc

The transmission on your vehicle is a vital part of the functioning of it. The clutch disc is a part of the transmission that cannot be ignored and must be replaced in the event that it wears out. A mechanic that specializes in transmissions is your best resource for finding the right parts for your […]