Exhaust Parts

Diesel Truck Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust stacks are a fairly unique car part because everybody has seen them, but most people don’t recognize the name. When you look at a big truck (like an 18-wheeler), the exhaust stack is the vertical pipe the smoke comes out of. The exhaust stack is a replacement for a regular car’s muffler; it serves […]

Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

There are many numerous exhaust tips online for all kinds of exhausts made of different materials. Stainless steel exhaust tips are exhaust tips that are constructed with stainless steel tubes out of steel alloy. About 10 percent of all stainless steel exhaust tips have chromium content in them as well. The way stainless steel exhaust […]

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid is an organic fuel solution that is created by combining 67.5 percent de-ionized or purified water with 32.5 percent automotive-grade urea. Urea is used to carry the ammonia that is needed in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This fluid is used in EPA vehicles from […]

Exhaust Headers

There are a lot of little known ways to enhance a vehicle’s performance, and exhaust headers are one of the more effective ways to do it. Installing exhaust headers into an engine can be fairly expensive, but no more than most other car modifications. If you’re trying to equip your car for high performance driving […]

Exhaust Valve

An exhaust valve is a valve on a cylinder in the internal combustion engine. This is the valve that opens up and releases burned fuel into the exhaust manifold. The exhaust valve is mechanical and sometimes is referred to as a ‘poppet valve’. An intake valve can also be called a poppet valve. The exhaust […]

Air Injection Pipe

A car or truck’s air injection system is specifically designed to produce cleaner air emissions. Exhaust gas from a vehicle is very hot when it leaves the combustion chamber. By introducing air or oxygen into the exhaust system as the gases leave the chambers, the fuels continue to burn as they leave the system. This […]

Car Exhaust Pipe

The purpose of a car exhaust pipe is to direct exhaust otherwise known as waste gases away from the engine. It is imperative that the exhaust gases are directed away and not allowed to accumulate in engine because the passengers that are riding in the car can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. The exhaust pipe […]

Exhaust Pyrometer

A lot of people may not have heard of a pyrometer before. It is a thermometer designed for vehicles that is capable of measuring temperatures way above the normal level. A pyrometer can measure temperatures all the way up to 1,800 degrees F. Pyrometers are often used in diesel trucks in order to measure the […]

Exhaust Stacks

Most of us know exhaust stacks (or upside exhaust pipes) from seeing them on very large trucks, like 18-wheelers. They’re the exhaust pipes that stand straight up from the truck, and you can see the exhaust fumes rising up through them and over the truck, as opposed to coming out of the back (like most […]

Exhaust Resonator

For a few years during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, it became a trend among teenagers and some auto buffs to remove their vehicle’s muffler and ride while making a great deal of noise. Do you remember hearing very loud cars zooming around parking lots, parks, clubs and other teenage hangouts? Then you remember the […]

Flexible Exhaust Pipes

Flexible exhaust pipes are very important in the automotive world when they are needed for specialized vehicles. The main options are usually piping that is made of a durable plastic that will be able to be flexible and arranged as needed while others will be made of stainless steel or other durable metals that are […]

Exhaust Flange

There are many parts in the car exhaust system that need to be joined together to form a continuous pipe from the engine to the muffler. An exhaust flange is essential for creating a strong joint between two parts of the system, and it also allow the parts to be changed without cutting the exhaust […]

Flex Coupler

Your exhaust system on your vehicle is an important component to how well the car performs. The flex coupler kit that you use when you are installing a new exhaust system is an important consideration. When you need a new exhaust system on your vehicle, make sure that all the components, including the flex coupler […]