Fuel System

Biodiesel Conversion Kits

If you have a vehicle that has a diesel engine then you have the option of converting it to a biodiesel engine. A diesel engine is already compatible with biodiesel fuels. The conversion that is necessary to turn the diesel engine into a biodiesel engine is not too difficult. The diesel engine was initially created […]

Fuel Filler Hose

Most of us don't stop to think about it when we smell fumes coming from the vicinity of our gas tank on our car or truck. We take it for granted that it is simply exhaust fumes and something to be expected. Unfortunately, we could have a broken or cracked fuel filler hose which could […]

Fuel Sending Unit

The fuel sending unit in your vehicle is ultimately how you are able to tell how much fuel you have at any given time. It is associated with the fuel gauge which is regulated by something called a “variable resistor” and it helps you to monitor the fuel levels of your vehicle at any given […]

Chrome Oil Dipstick

If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, you may be interested in getting a chrome oil dipstick for your vehicle. What's nice about a chrome oil dipstick is not only will it look good underneath your hood, but it will also serve a functional purpose. The Internet is the easiest place to go when you […]

Fuel Injection System

Fuel injection systems are special methods of introducing a fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber of the engine. The most prevalent type used today is a simple nozzle and valve system that sprays the fuel mixture with air to start the combustion system. This is considered safer because the carburetors of the past […]

Fuel Accumulator

The fuel accumulator is an important part of your vehicle's fuel system. It is a component that is located just past the fuel pump and has numerous important responsibilities. If you are having trouble finding the fuel accumulator then just locate the fuel pump and follow it towards the fuel filter. The fuel accumulator will […]

Fuel Distributor

The power behind the modern day cars originates from their technically superior engines. These powerful engines require the right mixture of gasoline and oxygen to provide the power and speed we desire. This is made possible by the Fuel distributor which regulates the fuel mass supplied to the engine. The engine revs up and explodes […]

Diesel Fuel Saver

The diesel fuel saver is an injection system designed for owners of turbo diesel-powered vehicles who are looking for higher mileage as well as greater horsepower. For many years now, untested and unproven fuel-saving items have come up in the market, but none of them have ever delivered what they promised to deliver. Because of […]

Oil Pressure Regulator

The oil pressure regulator is a part that is specifically designed to regulate the pressure of the oil which is used in an automobile. The most common problem that this may pose in a vehicle is a broken regulator or simply older parts which will not work as well as they used to. To ensure […]

Locking Fuel Cap

Locking fuel caps are available in many different forms which allow the fuel in the vehicle to remain inside the fuel tank while the owner of the vehicle is away. Many of these locking fuel caps can be used to thwart siphoning of fuel by other motorists who would rather steal the fuel than pay […]

Intake Manifolds

Any vehicle will rely on a properly functioning intake manifold to help deliver the right amount of fuel and air into the cylinders of the engine. This is crucial to prevent misfiring and several other complications that can cause damages to the vehicle. Maintaining the intake manifold and replacing older, rusted or damaged parts may […]

Vapor Canister

The vapor canister is an important part of your vehicle which allows unfiltered air as well as fuel vapors to go through and be filtered before heading towards the engine to be burned up during the combustion cycle. Without one, the excess fuel vapor would begin to collect underneath the vehicle causing a strong fuel […]

Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel pressure gauge is an important element in your vehicle. There are ready to install fuel pressure gauge that you can find in the market. Or if you are a DIY person, you can do one yourself. Here are the steps on how to install fuel pressure gauge. 1. To install the fuel pressure gauge […]

Fuel Transfer Pump

Many individuals who are on the road a lot have chosen to have an auxiliary fuel tank on their vehicle. Generally, large semi-diesel trucks, some pick-up trucks and a few motor homes as well as other motorized RV’s are seen on the road these days with auxiliary fuel tanks. Having an auxiliary fuel tank allows […]

Electric Fuel Pump

If you have a vehicle with an electric fuel pump, you may not realize everything that it does to help keep you running down the road smoothly. After all, this one piece of equipment is just a larger piece in the chain that works in your car or truck's motor. With so many different parts […]

Diesel Fuel Injector

If you have always owned and worked on gasoline vehicles and you believe that there may be an issue with your diesel fuel injection you should take note that a diesel fuel injection system is different than a gasoline engine. This is a big difference, in fact many people are surprised by this difference and […]

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Many people have never heard of a fuel pressure regulator until something starts going wrong with the fuel aspect of their engine. The fuel pressure regulator is an integral part of the fuel system and if it is not functioning properly it could prove catastrophic for your vehicle as well as your pocket book. Luckily, […]