Cylinder Head Gasket

Although driving may seem easy, there is a lot going on inside of your car to make everything run smoothly. One of the most important components of your car is the engine. If things go wrong with the engine, you are going to have major problems. Not only is your car going to require quite […]

Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan is the part of the engine responsible for holding whatever oil is not running through the engine. This is true whether the car is on or off, and its job doesn’t go much further than that. The oil pan is located at the bottom of the engine, and can hold anywhere between […]

Oil Filter Gasket

Motor oil is an essential car component that performs some hefty tasks. It not only lubricates the interior of the engine but it also soaks up contaminants. Some of them flow into the suspension and some are of chemical base that are held onto by the additives. This is how oil can soon be inundated […]

Fuel Pump Gasket

All vehicles have different gaskets, plugs and seals located under the hood in order to prevent car parts from leaking fluids or air, and to help parts from rubbing against one another. There are different types of gaskets that can be used, including the fuel pump gasket. The fuel pump gasket has an important job […]

Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Most exhaust manifolds are composed of either cast iron materials or stainless steel materials. The exhaust manifold is a part of your car which is responsible for gathering the engine exhaust and sending it through cylinders and out the exhaust pipe. The more cylinders a car has, the more fuel combustion there is which makes […]

Intake Manifold Gasket

There are so many parts to a car that all their jobs can be confusing. Many may be curious as to exactly what role the intake manifold plays in keeping the car running smoothly. The intake manifold is responsible for drawing in air and fuel and funneling it from the car's carburetor to the cylinders. […]


Thermagasket is a product produced by RX Auto. Thermagasket is a potion that claims to be able to repair cracked or breached head gaskets, a cracked head or cracked block. Cracked head gaskets, like many automobile malfunctions, can be a huge problem. The head gasket's job is to seal oil ports, cooling ports and the […]

Head Gasket

The head gasket is the largest seal in the car engine. It seals the joint between the engine block and the cylinder head, keeping dozens of cylinders and channels from leaking into each other. A gasket failure, often called a gasket blowout, is usually caused by the failure of another component that causes the engine […]

Engine Head Gasket

If you've been told that you have to have your engine head gasket replaced you may not even be sure what this means, you just know that you are going to have to pay for what could be a costly repair, depending on your vehicle and your mechanic. A head gasket is something that is […]

Valve Cover Gasket

Correctly regulating the oil level in your car will help you to improve performance and can help you prolong engine life. Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in an internal combustion engine, which can help reduce wear and tear and move heat away from the engine. If you have been keeping your levels consistent, but […]

Valve Cover Gasket

You have probably heard of a valve cover gasket, but do you know what it is or why they commonly leak? It's true, the valve cover gaskets do leak quite often in any cars with more than 30,000 to 50,000 miles on them. Actually, most cars do not leak from this area of the engine, […]