Headlight Relay

In most newer cars and trucks today the headlight switch actually contains three different switches in one. One switch operates the parking lights while a second operates the driving lights. The third switch is for high beams or bright lights. Most vehicles have headlight switches that use electromechanical devices to control the headlight relays. A […]

Headlight Lens

Driving with a discolored, damaged or missing headlight lens is not only a danger to you and your vehicle but to other oncoming vehicles on the road as well. It is an easy problem to resolve and not expensive, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a solution. Whether you […]

Headlight Eyelids

From show cars to daily drivers, customized headlights are becoming a standard feature on many vehicles. Some are installed from the factory, creating an aggressive and sporty look for cars that would otherwise blend in seamlessly. Others are installed as an aftermarket accessory, allowing a vehicle owners to customize and improve their car's appearance to […]

Sealed Beam Headlights

Headlights are crucial aspects of a vehicle's safety and performance, illuminating the path ahead and ensuring maximum visibility for the driver at night, and during less than ideal conditions. There are various types of headlights available, including LED headlights, rotating headlights, multicolored headlights, and sealed beam headlights. A sealed beam headlight includes all of the […]

Honda Accord Headlights

Honda Accord owners are very passionate about their car. The reason that owners of this car love it so much is because it's such a dependable vehicle. You can drive this car year after year and be confident that it's going to continue performing well. If you own a Honda Accord, you know quite well […]

Headlight Restoration Kit

Restoring the headlights is no simple task, especially when you do not have the right tools available to you. Taking advantage of a headlight restoration kit is a great way to ensure that the headlights in your vehicle are operational as well as uplifted with their luminescence. One of the best options available will make […]

LED Headlights

Until fairly recently, xenon headlamps were considered the brightest among all the different types of car headlights in the market. The trademark bluish-white light of xenon headlamps can cut through darkness like a knife, and they are held in extremely high regard among car enthusiasts, often being retailed at ridiculously high prices. However, things seem […]

Headlight Switch

Your car's headlights can act up, and if there's ever an issue with your headlights, you must fix it immediately. To assure you, and others on the road, are safe, you can't drive without properly working headlights. Any car, whether new or old, can fall a victim to a variety of headlight problems, and many […]

Car Headlamp

A headlamp is something that is on every vehicle but is one that you do not usually think about on a regular basis. The car head lamp is positioned on the front of a vehicle so that it can illuminate the road and any obstacles that you might encounter in either the darkness or during […]

Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

When most people think of car safety equipment, they think of seatbelts, airbags, and similar devices. The headlight bulb is actually an important car part when it comes to keeping you safe and preventing accidents. Your headlight bulb may need to be replaced from time to time just like any other light bulb. Knowing why […]

Car Headlight Bulb

Every vehicle contains many parts designed to maximize safety and make driving easier on drivers. Most people think of airbags, car alarms, and anti-lock brake systems when they think of vehicle safety features. These are very important, but one of the most overlooked safety features on a vehicle is the headlight bulb. The headlight bulb […]