Hood Scoops

Cowl Induction Hoods

If you would like to optimize the performance of your vehicle horsepower and speed, improving airflow to the engine is an excellent way to do so. Since the engine lies directly under the hood, making modifications to the hood and the air intake are the first steps in maximizing airflow and increasing horsepower. Cowl induction […]

Chrome Hood Scoops

Having a vehicle that performs well is only one aspect of customizing and modifying your car, truck, or SUV to be as appealing and fast as possible. If you want to completely redesign your car and impress all of your friends, then you need to focus on the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle's exterior, as […]

Car Hood Vents

While there are certainly many different modifications you can have done to your car, a hood vent or “scoop” is one of the most common. These serve not only an aesthetic purpose but also a practical one as well. Most of the time internal combustion engines take in air which is ventilated by rubber or […]

Fiberglass Hood Scoops

When it comes to changing the outside appearance of your car there are many things you can do. Although some changes are easier to make than others, adding a new hood scoop is just one of the ways to give your car a whole new look. Hood scoops give your car a powerful look. They […]

Universal Fiberglass Hood Scoops

People like fast-looking cars. It’s just a fact of life, and it’s one that hasn’t changed at all in the last century. And one of the best ways to make your car look fast is a hood scoop. For those who don’t know exactly what a hood scoop is, it’s an elevated air vent on […]

Universal Hood Scoop

Universal hood scoops are useful for various reasons. Not only are they a great decorative option (some are just for decorative purposes), but several of the designs are made to help increase the amount of air flow to the engine and surrounding vehicle hardware. It is an efficient way to help cool down the vehicle […]