Measuring Instruments


Almost all vehicles have a device called an odometer that is used to accurately gauge the vehicle’s distance that has been traveled. Cars, trucks, SUVs, off-road vehicles, bicycles motorcycles and many other types of vehicles all use an odometer. Odometers can be mechanical, electrical or both mechanical and electrical depending on the manufacture and the […]

Air Mass Meter

Air mass meters also known as "air flow meters" – are used for measuring the amount (or mass) of air that flows into the engine of an automobile. This information of the amount (or mass) of air is then used for calculating the correct volume of fuel that is needed by the engine. Needless to […]

Fuel Consumption Meter

Monitoring your vehicle's fuel consumption can be a very good idea. Making sure your car is using the right amount of fuel and getting the most miles per gallon can help you make sure you vehicle is running correctly. When your car starts getting poor gas mileage and you are going through gas quicker than […]

Air Flow Meter

If you live in the United States of America, chances are you live in one of the many states which require annual emissions inspections for cars that are older than a certain number of years old. This measure was passed in order to keep our air unpolluted and our environment clean and green, and most […]


Whether you have a need for speed or you want to stay on top of your fuel economy, consider installing a high-level tachometer, which will accurately measure the speed of your automobile in a variety of driving situations. Located on the dashboard, the tachometer measures the action of the engine drive shaft in revolutions per […]

Digital Speedometer

Until recently, most drivers – not counting racer car drivers are the very, very rich – had to be content with gauging their driving speed by using an old fashioned speedometer. Sure, you could tell when you were going 20, or 55, or 80, but trying to gauge whether you were going 37 or 38 […]