Oxygen Sensors

BMW Oxygen Sensors

Emissions are something that most people are concerned about when owning a vehicle. New smog laws help to reduce the amount of emissions that vehicles on the road typically produce. All vehicles produce a certain amount of emissions that must be controlled in order to have a clean environment. BMWs are no different, and certain […]

Toyota Oxygen Sensors

The Toyota oxygen sensor is a very important part of every Toyota vehicle and plenty of these vehicles will in time have problems that center around the oxygen sensor. Many older Toyota vehicles will seem to lose their ability to run as smoothly and first instinct for most motorists and even seasoned mechanics is that […]

Bosch Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) is a component within your vehicle that is used to provide vital information to your vehicle's computer system. The most important data that is transferred is the fuel-to-air ratio your vehicle is operating at. You will want your vehicle to be steadily around 14.7:1 fuel-to-air ratio but this cannot […]

Oxygen Sensor

Believe it or not the small, relatively unknown oxygen sensor is an important part of your vehicle and when it goes wrong you could find yourself without a means of transportation. This part of the automobile can usually be tested through the computer system and it will alert you when it malfunctions. Thankfully, most auto […]

Wideband O2 Sensor

If you want to really monitor the oxygen flow to your engine you should consider buying a wideband 02 sensor. This is a relatively new type of sensor, with the first hitting the market in 1994. These sensors are only installed in a few different types of car from the factory, but just about anyone […]