Power Programmers

Toyota Programmer

Enhancing the performance of a vehicle can be a costly and timely process that requires thousands of dollars and months of time. Unfortunately, many people overlook some of the easiest ways to enhance performance, focusing primarily on installing expensive parts or completely redesigning the engine compartment of the vehicle. However, using a programmer it is […]

Ford Programmer

For decades Ford automobiles have been renowned for their performance, durability, and reliability, which have made them a staple of American automobile engineering. The Ford aftermarket auto parts industry is thriving, with upgrades and modifications being sold by hundreds of sites online, and thousands of mechanics specializing in optimizing the performance of Ford cars, trucks, […]

Chevy Programmers

Technology has come a long way since the beginning of the combustion engine. Carburetors, air cleaners, pistons and other engine parts were considered high tech at the beginning of the 20th century. The advancement with state of the art technology that is involved with motors today is impressive. Since the dawn of computers and the […]

Truck Programmers

There are numerous benefits to getting a truck programmer if you own one of these vehicles and want to improve how it runs and the overall power. Although many people believe that aftermarket additions to vehicles will only make it more difficult to get a decent deal on gas, that is not always the case. […]

Hypertech Programmer

Programmers have become an extremely popular way to fine-tune the capabilities and performance of automobiles. Unlike other performance upgrades, programmers do not require you to go under the hood, or do any dirty work with the engine. Instead, the device plugs into the underdash diagnostic plug, the user answers a series of questions, and the […]

Power Programmer

A power programmer allows you to program the internal computer in your vehicle. It is designed to help give your car or truck more engine efficiency and power. The most commonly purchased brands of power programmers include JET, Banks, Hypertech, Edge and Superchips. The power programmer is not used for a regular tune-up or maintenance […]