Fuel Tank Sensor

One of the common misconceptions that many vehicle owners have is that a fuel tank sensor is the gadget responsible for telling you how much or how little fuel you have in the tank. Unfortunately, that little device is a float that simply indicates the level of fuel relative to the size of the tank. […]

Ambient Temperature Sensor

Ambient temperature refers to the temperature in a room or that which surrounds a particular object. For instance, ambient temperature involving your car or truck would be the temperature that is found on the outside of the vehicle. Ambient temperature has an important part in your own personal comfort when driving or riding in a […]

Oil Pressure Sensor

Any vehicle that has problems with oil levels or pressures but the oil levels are fine and the pressure is not really exceeding a certain level may have a problem with the oil pressure sensor. The oil pressure sensor is a device that takes information from the vehicle and processes it into the dashboard as […]

Transmission Range Sensor

The transmission range sensor is a special sensor in your vehicle that will detect the different shifting positions of the gears to ensure that you are driving with the appropriate gear setting. It is important that this part is in complete working order or your vehicle may be subject to jerky movements and possible stalls […]

Vehicle Speed Sensor

It has happened to the great majority of us. We are cruising along, perhaps its summer and the windows are down, we are listening to our favorite song and life is good, then uh oh, blue lights. Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realize that the police officer behind […]

Coolant Level Sensor

Man’s best friend may be the dog, but a car comes a very close second. Just stop and think of how much one needs a car. A long aimless drive can be just the thing to make one relax, regardless of any stressful situations. These are the drives ones take when on holiday, with friends […]

Knock Sensor

There are many different sensors in your vehicle that play an important role in how well your vehicle can perform. The knock sensor is one of those as it can prevent many serious issues from surfacing without prior notice. Basically, the knock sensor is a sensor used to detect a knock (pre-ignition). A knock will […]

Backup Sensors

Backup Sensors, or parking sensors, can be fairly useful tools. Their function is fairly simple and obvious: they detect an object behind you (while you’re backing up), and they alert you to its presence. How it actually works is a little bit more complicated, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. The point […]

Glass Break Sensor

Burglary and break ins are very scary. Whether they happen in your home or to your car you can lose a lot of valuable possessions. Preventing someone from breaking in your home or car is the best way to avoid losing your valued items or being harmed by a burglar. Many people are unaware of […]

MAP Sensor

If you are an American, chances are you live in a suburb. And if you live in a suburb, chances aren’t good that you have access to viable public transportation that will get you everywhere you need to go. For that reason, you probably rely on your car for quite a bit of your transportation […]

Camshaft Sensor

If you are anything like most Americans, you rely on your car to get you through your day. With most urban areas so spread out and ringed by suburbs, the common pattern for commuting to work is for a person to live in the suburbs and drive into the city in the morning and then […]

Brake Pad Wear Sensor

When it comes to maintenance on our vehicles, keeping the brakes in proper working order is a must. Letting the brakes on your car become worn down is very dangerous. Being in a situation where you must hit the brakes suddenly and your petal is to the floor and the car is still not slowing […]

Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is responsible for monitoring where the throttle is positioned within the internal combustion engine. You can find the throttle position sensor attached to the butterfly spindle on most designs. By having the throttle position sensor on the butterfly spindle it will allow it to easily monitor where the throttle valve butterfly […]

Camshaft Position Sensor

Electronic fuel injection systems rely on a number of sensors to control the delivery of the fuel and air mixture to the engine. One of these is the camshaft position sensor which uses the hall effect principle to detect when a magnet on the camshaft passes in front of it. Although it has no moving […]

Reverse Parking Sensor

The reverse parking sensor is known by many different names such as auto reversing distance detection system, backup sensor, reverse alert system, and more. While these systems are known by many different names, the come in very handy and can help you avoid those collisions that seem to happen very easily when you are backing […]

Mass Air Flow Sensor

On every vehicle there are a variety of sensors that are designed to relay information back to the computer. These various sensors then work together with the computer to make sure that the vehicle runs as it should. One of these information gathering parts is the mass air flow sensor, which is a component of […]

Crankshaft Position Sensor

There are so many different parts to a vehicle that it is often like a giant puzzle, and if something goes wrong and no longer fits into the puzzle, finding out what the problem is can be a large pain in the rear end; especially if you do not know what to look for. One […]

Oxygen Sensor

Believe it or not the small, relatively unknown oxygen sensor is an important part of your vehicle and when it goes wrong you could find yourself without a means of transportation. This part of the automobile can usually be tested through the computer system and it will alert you when it malfunctions. Thankfully, most auto […]

ABS Speed Sensor

If you have ABS brakes than you probably have what is known as an ABS speed sensor, which is also called a speed sensor or even a wheel sensor, depending on who you are talking to. Many people don't even know that they have an ABS speed sensor until it stops functioning correctly and at […]

Parking Sensor

The parking sensor is one of the many great ways you can avoid accidents when driving your car, specifically when parallel parking or parking in tight spaces. The parking sensor is often a component of a reverse backing system, which aids drivers when the car is in reverse and the vehicle is being backed up. […]

Wideband O2 Sensor

If you want to really monitor the oxygen flow to your engine you should consider buying a wideband 02 sensor. This is a relatively new type of sensor, with the first hitting the market in 1994. These sensors are only installed in a few different types of car from the factory, but just about anyone […]

Engine Knock Sensor

Most people don't know that they have an engine knock sensor on their vehicle, unless of course they have had issues with engine knocking and then they learn all about what causes engine knock, what is sounds like, and even what their vehicle does when there is engine knock. The purpose of the engine knock […]

Wheel Speed Sensor

Most of us never think about it, but how does your vehicle know how fast you are going? Most vehicles use a wheel speed sensor. A wheel speed sensor is a device that is used to determine how fast the wheel's on the vehicle are rotating as it goes down the road. A wheel speed […]