Shock Absorber

RV Shocks

Shock absorbers provide a smooth ride for all sorts of vehicles. However, not all shocks are created equal and some require more strength and dependability than others. Motor homes and RVs are a lot heavier than cars and trucks. They react to bumps and corners differently because of their weight and the high center of […]

Shock Absorber Bushings

All vehicles will undoubtedly experience some level of turbulence during their lifetime, which is why automobile manufacturers include shocks, suspension systems, wheels with exceptional traction, and other mechanical precautions that limit the amount of wear and tear incurred over time. One such component that is designed to absorb pressure and energy is a shock absorber, […]

Offroad Coilover Shocks

Having an off road vehicle means that you are ready for adventure and ready to experience the rugged life. If you have a vehicle that will be traveling off road in bumpy conditions then you will need to prepare your vehicle with the best shocks available. You may have a vehicle that only goes off […]

Performance Shock Absorbers

Some of the most important things that vehicles need are shock absorbing tools to ensure that the vehicle has the ability to have a smoother ride. Not only are shock absorbers recommended, but they may save the vehicle in the event that a particularly bumpy road or terrain is ahead and the driver is going […]

Shock Absorber Struts

Without shock absorber struts, you would be in for a very bumpy ride. Most people do not even realize what a difference shock absorber struts make in the performance of their vehicle. For those who are unsure what they are and how they work you may be interested in finding out more about shock absorber […]

Off Road Shocks

Every vehicle needs shocks in order to prevent the car from bouncing all over the place when driven over a bump on the road. There are many different types of shocks for your vehicle but the type you choose should be based on the type of vehicle you drive and what type of driving conditions […]

Adjustable Shock Absorber

There are different types of shock absorbers that can be placed on a car however they all are made to serve the same purpose. Some of the shock absorbers are made to withstand a broader range of loads. The adjustable shock absorbers are better at bearing loads up to 30 times the amount as the […]

Shock Relocation Kit

Every car is equipped with shocks to absorb the energy or “shock” from going over a bump. Without shocks we would be bouncing all over the place in our vehicles and this would not allow for a very comfortable ride. There are many different types of shocks that are used on vehicles and depending on […]

Off Road Coilover

Offroad Coilovers are shock absorbers with one or multiple coil springs wrapped around the shock so that it supports the weight of the vehicle and dampens the suspension to help control the spring. It is made up of a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it. The shock absorber and coil spring are assembled […]

Off Road Shock Absorber

Those people who enjoy tinkering around with vehicles will probably already know what shock absorbers do; however, if you are not that familiar with cars you may be wondering how these mechanisms function. In fact, the shock absorbers are designed to do exactly as their name implies, absorb the bumps and shock in the road […]

Gas Shock Absorber

The development of gas shock absorbers has created an upgrade for basic shocks. Gas shocks are a great alternative to traditional shocks and perform much better. The gas shock absorber is a key component in making gas shocks work efficiently. The gas shock absorber works in a unique way. The main issue with non-gas shock […]

Coil Over Shocks

A vehicle needs to have good suspension and working springs in order to keep the vehicle riding smoothly and comfortably down the road. Without good suspension the passengers will be able to feel every bump in the road and this makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Riding in a bouncy car is not only frustrating […]

Air Shocks

Each air shock absorber on vehicles that are equipped with them plays an important role in the smooth operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Air shock absorbers are found on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even on the suspension of commercial and private aircraft. Each air shocks absorber essentially absorbs the shock of the suspension […]

Hydraulic Shock Absorber

There are a lot of various parts on a vehicle that can easily go wrong and cause a problem without you actually being aware that they are going bad at the time. One of these things is known as a hydraulic shock absorber. These can be important in the operation of a motor vehicle because […]

Truck Shock Absorber

You may have heard of a truck shock absorber and wondered what this is really all about and if you need to have a shock absorber on every vehicle that you own. If you didn't have a truck shock absorber on your truck, mini-van, or SUV you would have a difficult time riding comfortably. When […]

Car Shock Absorber

The car shock absorber is part of the vehicle's suspension system and plays an important role in making sure the vehicle is operating safely and correctly. Before you can understand how a car shock absorber works, you should also understand all of the parts of the suspension system and how they work together to ensure […]