Speedometer Gears

We all know what speedometers do; there’s no need to even have that conversation. But most people just take the speedometer for granted. We use it every day, but we don’t often consider exactly how it works. That is, we don’t consider it until one breaks. When the speedometer starts giving us error, or stops […]

Speedometer Cable

Having a speedometer that is not working can present a big problem, especially when you are trying not to get a speeding ticket. You can't be sure that you are staying within the posted limit if your needle is not moving or jerking around so that you can't determine how fast you are driving. Changing […]

Digital Speedometer

Until recently, most drivers – not counting racer car drivers are the very, very rich – had to be content with gauging their driving speed by using an old fashioned speedometer. Sure, you could tell when you were going 20, or 55, or 80, but trying to gauge whether you were going 37 or 38 […]