Pop-Up Sunroof

If you are looking to get more sunlight in your life while you're driving, a pop-up sunroof may be the modification needed for your vehicle. This customization will allow more sunlight to enter the cabin of your vehicle, giving you a more outdoor feeling while you drive. If your vehicle already has a sunroof but […]

Electric Spoiler Sunroof

An electric spoiler sunroof is a perfect idea for those who want to cruise down the street in style, but there are certain vehicles which are better suited for one of these than others. It is important to keep in mind some of the most important things when you are looking to get one of […]


You may have just bought the perfect car with all the perfect options, but suffice to say, a car is not complete without that opening in the roof that slides open and close at your ease. By installing a sunroof system in your vehicle, you are guaranteed to have a great time driving your car […]

Moonroof and Sunroof

It's an age old question: what is the real difference between a moonroof and a sunroof. Remember when your friend got that new car and he showed you his "sunroof" and you laughed and told him that was actually a moonroof? He looked at you with a funny look in his eye and neither of […]