Tailgate Light Bars

The tailgate light bar is a great accessory for those who own trucks. These sharp looking add-ons come in many different colors and shapes and are specifically made for certain models of trucks. Fitted neatly below the tailgate, you can hardly tell they are there unless the lights are on. Tailgate light bars are used […]

Power Tailgate Locks

If you own a truck or SUV it is a good idea to invest in a power tailgate lock, especially if you frequently transport valuable and/or delicate cargo. There are many different versions of these locks with a variety of proprietary designs, so it will be important for you to look through some of the […]

Custom Truck Tailgate

Those who are interested in getting a custom tailgate for their truck will want to think about all of the different design ideas there are available. Quite a few people who run their own businesses put the name and contact information for their company on the back of their truck, so that is certainly one […]

Bully Tailgate Locks

A Bully tailgate lock is a device by the Bully brand that allows you to securely lock your truck‚Äôs tailgate without making modifications to your vehicle. These locks are very easy to install and require no cutting or drilling. Bully tailgate locks provide protection against theft and give you added security for your tools or […]

Tailgate Protector

The tailgate is a gate at the back of utilitarian pickup trucks with hinges in either the bottom or the top edge. When unlatched, the tailgates can be lowered to enable access to the pickup bed. The leading edge of the tailgates are subjected to heavy hammering during their operational lifespan, and are normally the […]

Tailgate Window Motor

Having a tailgate window on your vehicle that can be operated from the front is a great convenience for many people. However, when the window starts to give you problems, it might be the right time to change the motor that controls it. There are a couple of approaches that you can take to get […]

Tailgate Seals

The tailgate seal on your truck plays an important role. It is the one barrier between dust and water and everything that is contained in the back of the truck. If you are storing items in the back of your truck, you should check the seal to make sure that it is in good shape […]