Throttle Actuator

A throttle actuator helps regulate the flow of air entering an engine to be used with the injected fuel in the combustion process. Commonly referred to as an electronic throttle body actuator, now that cars are built with complex computer controlled systems, your electronic fuel injection system controls the fuel and the electronic throttle actuator […]

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is an important part in your vehicle that must be working at all times to assure your vehicle is performing properly. The throttle cable is responsible for keeping the engine’s throttle body and accelerator pedal connected. If the throttle cable isn’t properly in place, it could lead to faulty acceleration or possibly […]

Throttle Body

A throttle body controls the amount of air that flows into fuel injected engines and is part of the air intake system on modern day vehicles. It can be somewhat compared to a carburetor on non fuel injected engines. It is usually attached to the mass airflow sensor often located between the air intake manifold […]

Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is responsible for monitoring where the throttle is positioned within the internal combustion engine. You can find the throttle position sensor attached to the butterfly spindle on most designs. By having the throttle position sensor on the butterfly spindle it will allow it to easily monitor where the throttle valve butterfly […]

Throttle Body Spacer

Throttle body spacers have been used in racing for a very long time now. They increase the plenum volume and power of the intake manifold. They are used to increase performance while increasing horsepower as well as fuel economy by atomizing the fuel during the incoming air charge tumble. This then allows the performance of […]

Throttle Bushing

If you are like most people who use a vehicle on a regular basis, then your automobile is probably full of parts that you have never heard of before. This, however, does not mean that any one of these parts could end up going bad and causing you a lot of problems. For example, if […]